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  1. What are we doing with Bobby Woods this week? Coming off a BYE where it looks like they know they won't have Cooks for at least this week, could help the game plan of including Woods more? Seems to have totally dropped off in everyone rankings.
  2. I was basing the single digit stat off of 1/2 PPR. Thomas and Lockett is the list, there is no one else for 1/2 PPR. As for the target share thing, not all targets are equal. A Tyler Lockett target is essentially a Tyler Lockett catch. Lockett has caught 46 of his 54 targets, (24 of 26 the last 5 games) Compare that to Tyler Boyd, 51 of 83 targets, Keenan Allen 51 of 80 targets, or even Edelman 53 on 79 targets. This hyper efficiency isn't anything new either, Lockett caught 57 of 70 targets last season too.
  3. This is a list of Wide Receivers who have had less than 2 single digit fantasy game this season; Michael Thomas (0) Tyler Lockett (1) You need to relax.
  4. In the past 10 games, no Dolphins RB has broken 10 fantasy points. That's a pretty decent sample size. People are getting all hot and bothered for a 5-8 point RB here?
  5. I saw these stats on Twitter so I'll post them here to give us a glimmer of hope.
  6. Don't forget this Arizona team will likely be down to Kenyan Drake and Zach Zenner at RB, who will have a combined 12 days on the Cardinals roster at kickoff. Both of their workloads will surely be limited. I expect Murray to throw early and often.
  7. Ugh, Rookie QB incoming. Maybe he throws short to the slot more out of necessity, but targets weren't really the issue for Boyd. Woof.
  8. In that scenario, the waivers will process correctly. That's why I recommend making waiver claims on Monday before Yahoo changes player eligibility on Tuesday mornings.
  9. 4 turnovers and still ended up the QB7 in my league this week. STUD. Doesn't matter how many picks he throws, their only backup is an undrafted scrub who has been in the league for 6 years and has 0 (!!!) NFL passes to his name. Keep turning the ball over and creating garbage time for yourself big fella!
  10. Kind of a weird situation here. I'm starting Flacco tonight as my QB2 because there is nothing else out there. I want to add Jamison Crowder, who is coming off of waivers tomorrow. I know that Yahoo does not allow you to drop a player who has already played in your starting lineup that week. If I submit the claim before the Thursday Night game starts, will it go through, or just be canceled? Not exactly sure how this would work because obviously Crowder wouldn't be added to my team for this week because I'd have 1 extra roster spot. Anyone ever done this before?
  11. Hopefully the Chiefs offense can get back on track and give Flacco some garbage time opportunity this week. Emmanuel Sanders is practicing and expected to play which should help.
  12. Well this is a Fantasy Football Forum, so yeah we tend to be enamored with the numbers. How many Fantasy Points does Jameis get for a Buccaneers win?
  13. The Cam hate is at an all-time high. It's become laughable. In 2017 he was 3rd in points among still active QBs. (4th with Alex Smith) Last year he was TERRIBLE, and had he not missed the last 2 games, he would have STILL been 5th in points among active QBs. (7th with Big Ben and Luck) Newton may be a bad real life football QB, but this is a FANTASY FOOTBALL FORUM. Can Newton is still a great fantasy football play when he's healthy and can run.
  14. If Mike Evans can hold on to just 1 of the 2 easy long TDs that hit his hands, Winston is a top 10 QB this week even with 6 turnovers. Winston is the fantasy anomaly. You can be a terrible real life QB and still be a good fantasy QB. Bad defense + no running game = garbage fantasy points.