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  1. 200 all purpose yards / 2 TDs coming in hot.
  2. I project him as a solid RB2 ROS in PPR even if/when Howard does come back. This kid is their most electric weapon after the catch on a team that has no one on its roster that can make guys miss.
  3. Alshon isnt much of a loss for the Eagles offense.... he's been absolute garbage this year. Long as Ertz/Goedert are healthy they should be able to still move the ball enough to score a few TDs. Miles has looked really good lately. Excited for his opportunity in this spot.
  4. He was a 3rd round pick in almost every draft... hes currently on the outside looking in of the top 75 overall players in points right now.... and looks really bad on film. That's a BUST so far my guy.
  5. Kind of an overlooked bust so far. Seems to be alligator arming/dropping everything and is struggling to get open. Not catching any contested 50/50 balls either... Better get his act together because Goedert possesses all of the same skills, is more athletic and is a lot better of a blocker.
  6. Roll him out of the pocket? The guy looks like hes throwing in quick sand every time he rolls out, it's almost like he loses sight of his receivers whenever he has to move around a little bit. When's the last time you saw him take a hit and deliver the ball on target? He's basically like Eli Manning of the last 2 years with a slightly stronger arm. He's not the whole problem but he's certainly part of it.
  7. I see more AJ Green in Chark than Nuk/Evans. I think he would really thrive with Foles because Foles loves to throw that 50/50 ball that Chark is great at getting. But who knows if Foles will even be the guy when he gets healthy.
  8. I think Ryan is awful when he has to move his feet in the pocket. In order for him to deliver a good throw he needs to have a nice cozy pocket.. unfortunately I think his pocket awareness is pretty poopy as well. Guy just puts up huge yardage numbers every year because he constantly plays from behind and has freak receivers to bail him out. He's rapidly falling down my list of QBs in this league. I think hes on the top 15-20 fringe. Imagine if Julio had a QB that could buy him some more time to get open downfield.
  9. As a Philly native this certainly isnt the "word". Curious as to where you got this information from. We expect Miles to get work early and often in games. Firmly expecting 12-15 touches per game right from the get go. I'd say 50% Miles - 25% Howard - 25% Sproles/Clement right from the start.