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  1. Can someone please tell me his PT situation?
  2. Yeah this really is a pain. I'm considering dropping.
  3. He's been getting hot. His hot streaks can be very exciting and can last a few weeks. He can be a huge pickup if someone in your league dropped him.
  4. You guys are overreacting. It was his first start in over a month. They didn't give him any rehab starts. He just needs to warm up. I might bench him the next start but I think he will be fine after that.
  5. Hopefully the quick move to DL means he will be back after the minimum amount of time.
  6. Strop with another clean save. 5 straight appearances with no baserunners. I really hope they take their time with Brandon "made out of glass" Morrow.
  7. What happens in Atlanta when Vizcaino comes back? Has Minter been too good to replace?
  8. He hasn't stolen a base since the 4th of July.