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  1. I’m the Commish of a 9 year old league, we have a trade committee with me and 2 other league members, we vote on the trades and then I process the trades if it’s 2 to 1 or unanimous. If we suspected collusion the trade wouldn’t get approved. I would of approved that Cook trade, who am I to veto a trade if I can’t prove collusion. Teams in the NFL make bad trades all the time. ??‍♂️
  2. I’ve had my league at ESPN for 9 years and a couple of years ago they got rid of the ffbtoolkit with the weekly power rankings, draft grades after the draft, smack talk during the season etc. My question for people with leagues using Yahoo, do they have any of these features or any other features like this on Yahoo?? Thinking about moving my league to Yahoo. Thanks
  3. Ajayi, Brandin Cooks, Tyreek Hill, David Johnson, Alvin Kamara For LeVeon Bell, Amari Cooper, Tevin Coleman, Charles Clay