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  1. Dave Grant off Twitter saying Richaun Holmes went through a full workout before the game. Hitting threes, dunking with both hands. He looks close to ready. My goodness that would be huge!!
  2. I’m hearing of the three Siakam will most likely be the earliest to return; Raptors exercising caution for what is a fairly mild strain: Quote Tweet Michael Grange @michaelgrange · 2h Raptors say Siakam strained his groin landing awkwardly midway through the 4th Q vs. Detroit.
  3. I know SF is at home but missing so many important pieces on defense.... hence they got blown up with points against NO last week. Akiem Hicks and Amukamara are back for Chicago this week playing in 5 degree temps up in it crazy to think CHI is the better play today?? Please help..... any advice is appreciated.
  4. I'm gonna start Watson over him now because that forecast now looks pretty bad. This game is setting up to be sloppy.
  5. The report is now that Von Miller will play for Denver today, Houston will be without Will Fuller as well and Chris Harris will obviously be shadowing Hopkins(the best weapon on this team). I own Watson and Carson Wentz...... and I think Watson at home is nice, but if you look at the splits of Deshaun without Fuller versus with him, his numbers aren't nearly as appealing..... especially with the factors that I've listed above. I'm strongly now considering starting Wentz on Monday night football against the trash defense of the Giants albeit in the rain.
  6. At least he made all 3 of his extra point tries this week.....🤦‍♂️
  7. This is the time of year when the Patriots start leaning on this cat. Enjoy the ride folks and fire him up!!
  8. I'm in the same position. Game is in Miami and they are on a two game win streak. Understand the rough matchup against White, but this might be where volume plays a role and Miami rides the momentum. Definitely starting him regardless and hoping for the best.
  9. I really think they wanted to play it safe and have him ready for the big Thursday night showdown with the Colts from Houston in front of the the home crowd..... smart move!! Make sure he is all the way right before putting him out there.
  10. The fact he is still not cleared for contact and noted as a limited participant today coupled with Ajayi signing points to Howard being OUT this week.
  11. I was considering also, even over Watson due to the long trip to London for the Texans and the Jags owned him in Week 2. Only problem with DJ, is that the Cowboys just added Michael Bennett via trade to their defensive front and expect to get Robert Quinn back as well making Dallas' line scary. It's a tough call, but intriguing to see if DJ at home in a divisional game can put two solid games together..... especially now that he has Barkley, Engram, Tate, the exciting rookie Slayton and possibly even Shepard back this week..... very enticing!! Anyone else have thoughts??
  12. You would think that he wants very much to be on the field this week in a revenge matchup against his old Cleveland team.
  13. And yes.....I am a die hard Bears fan for the record and grew up on watching Walter Payton.
  14. Nagy is an absolute moron. You don't know what's going on with your run game?? Maybe 7 attempts wasn't the way to go genius. Maybe lining up your RB next to your QB in the shotgun formation wasn't the way to go. Maybe realize that you suck at scheming properly on offense. Power football!! Get your head out of your a**..... this guy should honestly be fired!! He doesn't have a clue. I just want you see one full game where he lines Montgomery up in the power I or I formation for 20 runs and see what he can do then. If he still doesn't do anything thereafter...... then its definitely Montgomery. Their scheme, their O-line, their coach...... not doing Montgomery any favors to succeed. Its that simple!!