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  1. So you're suspicious because Altuve, when asked why he didn't want his jersey ripped off, referenced a walk-off he had in April (5 months before this question!) where the team ripped his jersey (no t-shirt underneath) and his wife got mad? That's a rather elaborate answer to not have some truth to it.
  2. My question had nothing to do with Boston. They just won the World Series in 2018, so they obviously have talent and shouldn't be thinking about rebuilding. I've seen quite a few people taking shots at the way the Astros built their team this off-season (you said you hated it) and I don't understand why.
  3. I don't understand all the negatively on how the Astros rebuilt their team. They had a new owner and a new GM that inherited a pretty terrible team. Even the minor league system was terrible at the time and it's not like they could have gone all-in when Bud Norris was their best pitcher. How exactly would you have rebuilt differently?
  4. Proof? Houston won 2 of 3 in Yankee Stadium this year. And took all 3 in Washington but couldn't win at home.
  5. Both Boston (Apple watches) and New York (Improper use of a dugout phone) were caught in 2017 and neither lost draft picks.
  6. Is anybody else underwhelmed by that package for Stroman? I was expecting Stroman to garner at least 1 top 100 prospect.
  7. So the Cubs get Holland AND $$$ for $$$? How does that work?
  8. I'm not torn on it. I don't see how it would be good for baseball to reward lazy hitters that refuse to go the other way. I watch the Astros utilize it a lot and their broadcast shows the analytics behind it just about every game. If 90% of the time a player hits a ball on the ground it goes to the pull side, why would you not want another infielder over there to prevent a hit? And it's very easy to beat but hitters refuse to do it. Case in point, Joey Gallo was up tonight in a tie game in the 8th inning with runners on 2nd and 3rd. Astros were in the shift so a ground ball to 3B would score both runs. First 2 pitches were outside and Gallo refused to take advantage and elected to swing for the fence instead. Why on earth would you want to reward Gallo in this situation? He has an apparent weakness, refuses to correct it and the other team is saying 'Beat the shift and your team wins' and he doesn't even contemplate hitting the ball that way.
  9. I don't quite get this. If the batter stands closer to the plate, they're more at risk of getting HBP and it could be called a strike. If the batter wants to stand further outside the plate, then the pitcher just has to pitch to the outside corner. Either way, I don't see how it benefits the hitter.
  10. How exactly is it unfair? Learn to hit the ball the other way and a measly ground ball to 2B (or SS) gets you a hit. Limiting it would be total BS.
  11. Can someone sell me on Boyd? He's having a career year where his stats still seem mediocre, has an 6.03 ERA in his last 6 starts, the Tigers asking price seems rather high, and I'm not entirely sure where he would fit into the Astros playoff rotation as Wade Miley seems like a better game #3 option. As an Astros fan, trading for Boyd wouldn't excite me.
  12. Correa was just placed on the IL. The Astros just had to call him up instead of Straw. 100% is about Super 2 at this point.
  13. The Astros get another year of team control on Tucker if he's brought up after June 2nd.
  14. Even if the Astros are ready to part with White, White is a bench player who is getting some playing time right now because Altuve and Springer are injured. The Astros aren't calling up Alvarez to replace White on the bench.
  15. While that may be true, it would be Springer that would make the Marisnick/Reddick platoon possible. Springer moves from CF to RF when Marisnick plays.