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  1. Reds clinched last night. Why would they throw Gray tomorrow?
  2. Springer missed some time a couple weeks ago with a wrist injury and he reinjured it last night diving back to 1B on a pickoff.
  3. I wouldn't roster Taylor in a Saves only league. He's the only lefty in the Astros pen, so even if Pressly lost the Closer job, they would probably still use Taylor in favorable matchups. Also, just as much of a chance someone like Scrubb, Paredes or even James gets a shot before Taylor.
  4. Alex Cintron should absolutely get suspended but he's a bench coach. Even if the league suspends him half the year, nobody would notice or care. No matter what was said, Laureano should at least get a 10-15 game suspension. The league can't validate one of it's players running at the opposing teams dugout.
  5. Hard to judge him on pitches. Very few pitchers are throwing 90 pitches right now. This will only be his 2nd start & I doubt he had too many spring training starts. He threw 82 pitches vs. LAD but really 70-75 pitches was his threshold last start. He lost about 3mph on his fastball and looked worn out in the 6th inning. MLB debut & his 1st start this year, so that's not entirely surprising. I would think his threshold will be about 80 to 85 pitches this time around.
  6. That might depend on Verlander, but I do think Javier is ahead of James now.
  7. Valdez just entered the game in relief. That makes me believe Javier will start Tuesday (08/04) now.
  8. It's only for this year. This year already will have an asterisk to it no matter who wins. And it will help teams (Phillies/Marlins) that have already had a weeks worth of games postponed. Even with 30 man squads those teams will be playing 57 games in 57 days. And then what happens if more of their games gets postponed?
  9. It's a guess at this point. He looked way better than James and Valdez 1st time thru the rotation, though.
  10. If he outperforms James or Framber, I would think so. Now 7 K's thru 3.
  11. Alvarez was already put on the 10 day IL. I'm not sure when he will be eligible to return though.
  12. So you're suspicious because Altuve, when asked why he didn't want his jersey ripped off, referenced a walk-off he had in April (5 months before this question!) where the team ripped his jersey (no t-shirt underneath) and his wife got mad? That's a rather elaborate answer to not have some truth to it.
  13. My question had nothing to do with Boston. They just won the World Series in 2018, so they obviously have talent and shouldn't be thinking about rebuilding. I've seen quite a few people taking shots at the way the Astros built their team this off-season (you said you hated it) and I don't understand why.
  14. I don't understand all the negatively on how the Astros rebuilt their team. They had a new owner and a new GM that inherited a pretty terrible team. Even the minor league system was terrible at the time and it's not like they could have gone all-in when Bud Norris was their best pitcher. How exactly would you have rebuilt differently?
  15. Proof? Houston won 2 of 3 in Yankee Stadium this year. And took all 3 in Washington but couldn't win at home.