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  1. Anyone considering sitting him against the Astros (who are mashing righties) today, or am I being too cute here? He's been pitching well enough to be in the "circle of trust" but feel like he's not in the set and forget tier yet... Just Being selective with bad matchups and I feel this is one.
  2. I humbly apologise. I figure I should probably bench him from here on out, for all you suffering owners out there... Lol. In all seriousness though, him and Khris are murdering me at the moment.
  3. What the heck?...this came out of nowhere
  4. 5 oh-fers in 6 games since I picked him up. Sorry Alonso owners.
  5. Yeah... Imagine what kind of stats he'd put up on a proper MLB team. We can only dream.
  6. Jesus, this guy... Benched him against Santiago after stinking it up in my starting lineup since he returned, and he hits a leadoff homer. Oh well... Hoping this LU spot bump gives him the motivation to hit like the Kip we know.
  7. This guy has been meh so far, but showing signs of life lately. Still reckon 15/15 with 90 R and 270+ average come season end is attainable?
  8. Talk of plantar fasciitis. That's worrying.