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  1. But what do you do with the athletes, isolate them? Keep them from their family? This isn't about protecting the healthy, it's about the vulnerable. It's irresponsible to cite the flu numbers now. Do it when this is all over. Italy is still jumping up, US is just getting started.
  2. For those of us who drafted earlier, its really just a wait and see. Hopefully its not a long thing, for his sake. I doubt the Orioles will actually put him on the DL prior to the season starting, which sucks for pickups.
  3. The hysteria is a little much, but it doesn't lack concern. It's about 10-20 times more deadly than the flu, so if it gets that exposure you will see those massive numbers and more. It just has not spread that much. Wash your hands, and be health conscious like you would during any flu season and you will be fine. It's not like the coronavirus is "catchier" than the flu. If you have older family members, it is certainly something to be mindful of...I wouldn't be sending them to China or Korea any time soon. I do think as the weather warms up, it will die out, so probably won't affect baseball.
  4. Interesting. I thought I saw something that his walk rate in the stretch was half his windup walk rate.
  5. If you knew he was starting the year with the club, where would you take him? Steamer has him at .253/.320/.420 with a 94 wRC+. I'd be willing to be t the over on those, but its still no higher than a 150 pick.
  6. Grisham probably has the inside track on the CF job. They traded a prized prospect (Urias) for him, he has excellent OBP skills which the team lacks, and doesn't have the K issues that have been plaguing the team. I expect the OF to be Pham, Grisham, Myers, with Cordero as the 4th OF and Naylor as the 5th.
  7. Can't catch a break. Hopefully its something minor. For him and the Indians...and Bumgarner is not ready to be my SP2.
  8. Sorry, the second part is me trying to say that Sanchez's average will improve, not that it'll be better than garvers.
  9. I think Garver and Sanchez are closer than that. Sanchez may have a bit more consistent power, but he's constantly getting hurt. Garver has all around skills with a much higher OBP (.316 vs .365 last year). Sanchez may be better (and will probably have a higher avg and OBP), but with the ADP difference, Garver is the better buy. I see people reaching for Sanchez, and outside of Realmuto, its better to wait for Tier 2.
  10. And pass up SP? I wouldn't go again until Pick 19, which is looking like Darvish, Glasnow, Woodruff territory. Thats sketchy knowing Paddack won't sniff 200IP and Ohtani will be lucky to cross 120IP. I understand going best player availabe, but Hiura with the K rate has some warts too.
  11. I have the second pick in our keeper league, and keeper picks were just finalized. Tatis, Machado, Bogaerts, Alvarez, Ohtani, Suarez, Whit, Paddack. I need SP badly since Paddack and Ohtani are question marks as best. These are the SP available; Strasbourg - he's 31 and not a model of health. I think he has to be #1 though. Castillo - elite, but one of our categories is k/bb which tanks his value. Giolito - believe the outbreak? I do. Darvish - I think he made a good change, but age and risk of repeatability. None of these guys are going to be available for my second pick. I think my rankings are Stra, Gio, Darvish, Castillo. I also have Olson (I don't have a 1B) and Keston (I need OF and this fills a future 2B void and pushes Whit to OF) available. Thoughts on either of these? I think I have to go pitching though, because Lynn and others are too far of a step down for SP3 given my SP1 and SP2 risks.
  12. I wouldn't do this in a dynasty or a redraft. I expect Tatis to return 1/2 round value, and I do not think it is worth mortgaging that future for Charlie Morton and DJ. The downgrade at SS is too much, and your pitching isn't terrible.
  13. There are some quirks in the league that come into play...OBP league, Ks is a category, and the category is XBHs instead of HRs. Whit is great at XBHs, and better at the other two. It also plays in that I need the roster flexibility of White (2B and OF) because there is a risk I have to play Yordan and Ohtani in Util all year. I see Ohtani as untouchable in a keep forever dynasty where he hits and pitches. If he puts it together for both, it can be first or second round value. I thought about this. I will have the second pick in the first round after keepers, so I can always snag him then. Although I'm probably looking for a pitcher to pair with Paddack and Ohtani. OF will probably be my weakness this year, especially if Yordan doesn't get eligibility. 2B positional scarcity probably makes this Whit for me. I'll probably go P, OF, OF in the first three rounds, and I hope Laureano will be there in the 2nd.
  14. Agree with not going through with this. I would send CHapman if you have to do it, but I would hold.