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  1. Guys get to carried away with preseason. Rawls knows the play book and was the lead guy when healthy. CJ will be the third down receiver back as projected.
  2. I prefer rawls. A healthy rawls will be the starter I'd think
  3. For a 16 team that's a good looking team. Nice handle on grabbing Coleman to fill in till Martin comes back. I'd sit tight unless something nice falls into your lap. thanks for the help on mine.
  4. I'm a Vikings fan so really want Cooks. But I feel hesitant about this deal. It's a better situation for Hunt, but from what I read Cooks is that good. With minnys weak o line and Murray possibly stealing goal line touches. Is the trade offer worth it? Thanks
  5. is Stafford available? Better for him to play until luck is back. And Hilton is too much to give away in that deal. I wouldn't.
  6. That's tough. Jody would be a nice upgrade to your wide receiver corp. But hunt could have a big year. could sell higher. or he could bust sell lower. Me personally would probably play it safe and take it
  7. Rumor is he's on the trading block. Anyone have any news on the rumors? Red Sox were a name tossed around. I'm assuming to have him play 3rd? I have him riding my bench and would love to get some motivation on holding him there.
  8. Does drew take over at short stop full time?
  9. I scooped this guy up off of the waivers and started him yesterday. Not sure if he was just motivated for the matchup against Darvish, but he pitched well. So unpredictable, I hope this showing is more to come.
  10. Got degrom for him after his last start. Probably one of my best moves all season ?
  11. Real close to dropping polanco for him in a 10 teamer. crazy?
  12. Is he still worth holding onto? Guys are playing better on the WW
  13. Holding him in a ten team, but benching him today. I'm confident in a bounce back. Sounds like they plan to move hill to the bullpen as of now. So I'm guessing that means meada will keep his spot.
  14. I understand Trea just received the ss eligibility for yahoo leagues. But my question is, when and will he loose the 2nd base eligibility in yahoo?