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  1. While I generally don’t mind colorful commentary, this isn’t the place for it. If you want to drop condolences, go for it. If you have something disrespectful to say, don’t say it here. Have no issue dropping the hammer from this point on.
  2. oswald737


    Generally speaking, take the best player available regardless of proximity imo. Even if you are ready to compete in 1-3 years, you could theoretically deal Dominguez to get immediately better. By that point, you may not want to, but its better to have the more premiere asset regardless.
  3. Based on Passan's tweet, Robert will start the season in Chicago. Aggressive.
  4. Reminder: League specific Add/Drop Questions belong in the A/C forum, not player outlooks.
  5. You’ll get a lot of answers to this... but here’s the rub. If you believe in Chubb enough to pick him where he’s going (late first, early second), that’s because you think he’s going to be a monster who makes it impossible for Hunt to take a huge (greater than 30-35%) of the job. If that’a true, it’s a really costly hedge to want to take Hunt where you need to take him (9th round?, 8th round?). I’d sooner not have to hold Hunt with Chubb for 8 useless weeks (including Chubb’s and other byes) and take a Hill, Thompson, Singletary type in the same spot. My 2 cents.
  6. By all accounts he’ll have a huge chunk of the job to start the season since Guice hasn’t had much run. They’ll want Guice to play, but AD is playing for retirement money, so Guice is going to need to take the job from a hungry all time great. I honestly don’t expect he will for a while, if at all.
  7. He can’t rejoin team officially till tomorrow and has clinical benchmarks before cleared to play games, but those are largely administrative based on the articles I have seen. Expectation is that if all goes well, he’ll ramp up over this week and perhaps be eligible (though team decision pending) for preseason week 3.
  8. I think this is right. Generally speaking, less offensive talent is a mixed for a player. Less competition... Less offensive production overall (first downs, time of possession, plays, scores, etc). Someone tweeted out Mixon's production with and without AJG this weekend and it basically was the same... about 5% lower without Green.
  9. I'm also not sure there isn't a difference in stolen base upside between Madrigal and Edwards. Edwards has had a higher B% and OBP over his minor league career to date. Madrigal's OBP has been in the .350 area whereas Edwards has generally been at or above .400 most of the way. Still both are very small sample sizes, but when the calling card is speed, being on base means opportunity and Edwards has shown more ability at a younger age to get on base at an exceedingly high clip. Saw someone mention Billy Hamilton earlier.... Hamilton never showed the ability to hit OR walk like Edwards (or Madrigal, obviously) in the minors.
  10. Ok, this Keith Law discussion is clearly off topic. Let's get back to a discussion of these rankings por favor.
  11. Certainly plausible. I was inferring more of the limit then the expectation. That said, the Dodgers have been fortunate to have cost effective starting pitching depth largely because of Stripling and Urias staying cheap. That is a hard thing to maintain. Ryu is a free agent who will likely be coming off a career year as a Boras client. Maeda is almost perma-capped by his contract, struggles against lefties, and struggles third time through a line-up. I think they'll still be extremely cautious with Urias as you've noted, but I don't know that the Dodgers maintaining 6 effective starters so cheaply is a forever thing when the rest of the league can barely field 3.
  12. Not completely lifted I don't think. I would expect next year that we're talking 150-170. Given the landscape of the modern starting pitcher... that's not that far off, but I definitely don't expect Urias to go from 100-120 this year to 180 next season.
  13. I think we're currently start to start. He needs to have a good outing next time out or he's going back to the minors or to the bullpen.
  14. I will point out that TJ before the last 3-4 years was treated as a 12 month recovery. Since teams have moved it to a 15-18 month recovery, the results have been much better. Several guys have come back off TJ and been better than they were. Lamet is definitely a lottery ticket, but I think the environment (SD) and his stuff make him extremely intriguing as a streamer almost immediately.