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  1. Godwin for CEH seems fair. I have CEH and would take Thielen in a heartbeat but I doubt the other guy would...
  2. Auction keeper and he got great deals on Amari and Allen.
  3. I'm leaning Mims, he's going to be the #1 guy this weekend with Crowder and Perriman out. Not to mention Reagor is coming back for the Eagles.
  4. ^Take it, Bernard is missing his LT,C,RT this week and wont be worth anything after this week IMO
  5. Stand pat, as mentioned above Henry might be the best player in the deal, but you're giving up #2-4.
  6. Tough call, but I would go Higgins. Great matchup for him, and I think he gets in the endzone this week.
  7. Previous offer of Edmonds/AB for Cooper/Fuller was countered to add Bernard because the other guy is the Mixon owner. I'm kind of torn. Do I risk it and see if Edmonds takes over rest of season and balls out, as well as hope AB becomes a WR1? The other guy also has K. Allen, Julio, and AJ Brown. Should I try to Allen over Amari? The QB situation in Dallas scares me... When Healthy this is my starting lineup - 12 Team .5PPR QB - Herbert RB - Cook, M. Sanders WR - Kupp, Higgins TE - Fant FLEX - CEH, Gibson D/ST - Chiefs BN - Edmonds, Mattison, AB, Bernard, Dallas IR - Reagor
  8. Where do we see Carroll saying he "will be available" or "will be back" for THIS Sunday?
  9. Ever heard of Bye Weeks and Injuries? Sanders out, Gibson bye, Edmonds bye, OBJ out for the season, AB can't play this week, not playing Mattison if Cook is healthy. Why not fire up DeeJay if he's starting for the Seahawks on Sunday?
  10. Why??? If he is healthy he is going to play. Why not just rest up Burrows, Higgins, Boyd, etc. if they're looking to be competitive next year.
  11. I'm going TEN out of necessity, as I've already used TB, KC, GB, PHI, and LAR.
  12. He was expected to miss 1-2 weeks. For all we know he may have been able to go last Sunday had Philly not had a TNF game. If he is healthy he will play, Philly is in the driver's seat to win the division. I'd say it's 50/50 he plays, and we will know more after Wed, Thur, Fri practices.
  13. Generally speaking, coaches talk about "new" injuries on Monday and Tuesday. We will know more after practice today.
  14. Same thing happened to me in my ESPN leauge. I think unless they are officially on IR, they move back to Q/D each week, which makes sense. He is inserted in my FLEX right now. The power of positivity!
  15. And I just realized it’s not Wednesday. Bummer.