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  1. Whoever parked the cart there better get a code red, no excuse,medias fault, shocking
  2. Bench DJ Moore, Carlton Davis is going to erase him.
  3. Im back from the dead to say: CHOO CHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all.
  4. Lamar, Barkley,Julio,Kelce Brees,Sanders,Julio,Parker
  5. Miles Sanders and the Eagles dont care about our FF teams, be happy with what you got.
  6. How are the rest of the Ekelermaniacs feeling this week? Got him rolling as RB2 in the ship 0.5PPR, let's do this.
  7. Hes not a bad play as an upside WR3, if you're counting on him as a WR1 he may just pull a Lucy with the football and put the bricks back in his gloves and fall on his @$%
  8. This, if you have someone like one of the LAC RB's Im not sure he's a better play. I wouldn't put him higher than RB20.
  9. This guys a low-end RB2 this week. Abdullah may get more work than him since he is a much better receiver, gamescript against GB may not favor the run.
  10. Not feeling great about him next week, glad he made it through. had a so so day
  11. The Raiders have a few good reasons to play him, his workload is a completely seperate argument
  12. Stop saying theres nothing to play for, they can still make the playoffs AND it's the last game in OAK, sounds like a bunch of people rooting against Jacob's this week for various reasons.
  13. Parker was a borderline WR1 going into last week, he should be all systems go, gonna be hard to sit him.