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  1. I got him at pick 84 to be my #2/3. I'm pumped
  2. This guy is dirt cheap and can provide solid numbers across the board (aside from steals, obv). Very good depth bat with some position versatility.
  3. The upside is a season similar to what Pete Alonso just put up. It's up to you if you don't want a piece of that.
  4. Same. He definitely gets a boost in leagues that factor in BBs or OBP too. And the fact that he isn't a zero in stolen bases helps a lot too.
  5. Is it too early to start talking about his 2021 Cy Young?
  6. His skillset reminds me of Ozzie. 20-25HR, 15-25SB, good average and on-base skills.
  7. Vlad hits 40HR .290 and even chips in 7 steals, rising to the stardom that his pedigree projects to.
  8. Do you happen to remember which websites he was writing for?
  9. As a Jays fan, I'd love to see them trade for Senzel. Maybe a package of one of their young catchers and a fringe outfielder like Derek Fisher could get it done. Stick Senzel in the OF and have him bat somewhere between Biggio, Bichette and Vlad. He would put up good numbers in that lineup and park.
  10. I'd lean Lindsay for the floor but I could see this going either way. Thanks for your help.
  11. Brady's elbow is on the injury report (probably nothing but still). And Sanu and Dorsett are doubtful. Baker has a juicy matchup, I'd go him.
  12. Kupp. If/when Rams get behind early, they will be passing the ball a ton.
  13. It's Gabriel for me. Lots of targets.