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  1. I picked the Joram side solely for the fact that he’s the best keeper. But if you’re in it and feel like you have the bats to compete and need the pitching, that’s a fair deal. Pax and Sev are studs. If you could do better then Donaldson I would find it hard to turn down.
  2. Add Suarez NOW, he should not be on waivers. puig and Smoak are worth owning but don’t know that it’s really an upgrade over what you have. Just go with what you feel there. But definitely pick up Suarez fast.
  3. Should I deal my Starling Marte for Juan Soto 5x5 (QS/OPS) 5 Keepers Marte (8th round keeper) Soto (Round 20ish keeper) I’m out of it, looking towards the future, got lots of keeper options. Is marte or Soto the better keeper moving forward?