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  1. I like TeOscar but I feel like this year is an outliner. he hit .239 in 2018 and .230 in 2019 so I’m not sure I am buying his .308 batting average. he has some pop but I worry he will come back down to earth next season. Stanton is frustrating to own because of the injuries but your selling him at the worst possible time. id hang onto Stanton and look to trade him when he is healthy and has more value.
  2. CMart has struggled this year but he’s shown flashes in the past. would you drop him in a dynasty or hold on til next season?
  3. 16 team league Musgrove is a 2 start pitcher And my other options aren’t great. Beiber (1 start) DeGrom (1 start) Mahle (1 start- May bench him) Musgrove (2 starts) Bench and IR: Sale, Buehler , Rodon , Caleb Smith, Carlos Martinez Other Free agents are: Valasquez (2) , Yarborough (2) , Anibal Sanchez (2), Chase Anderson (2). Bubic (1) , Eovadli (1) , Montgomery (1), Tyler Houck (1), Griffin Canning (1),
  4. Which one do you like? also if Boston scott was available would you start him over those guys?
  5. Tonight he hit a homerun, a double and drove in 4 runs. not a bad start to the week
  6. I need to drop 1 16 team dynasty Bobby Dalbec Ty France Willi Castro Randy Arozarena Clarke Schmidt
  7. Castro is hot and is playing everyday so I’d probably go with him. Dalbec didn’t hit well last week arozarena is good but TB OF is crowded and he’s only starting against Lefties. Shaw hasn’t had a good Year
  8. I need to drop 2 - 16 team dynasty Sig below Bobby Dalbec Ty France Willi Castro Randy Arozarena Clarke Schmidt Spencer Turnbull (I have a lot of pitchers on But don’t need to hang onto him) 16 team dynasty Roto 5x5 C - Pedro Severino 1st - Voit 2nd - Lowe SS - Story 3rd - Arenado OF - Merrifield, Ozuna , Dylan Moore U - Moose , Arozarena/Dalbec/Willi Castro Bench - Ramos, Khris Davis , Ty France IR - Benintendi , Albies, Dahl , Campusano SP - DeGrom, , Buehler , Beiber , Mahle , Turnbull , Clarke Schmidt IR : Sale , CMart, Caleb Smith, Rodon MINORS (10 max) - Albies, Buxton, Profar, Tapia, Jo Adell, Carter Kieboom, Grant Lavigne, Xavier Edwards
  9. Any chance he gets called up this year?
  10. I think he should be picked up in all leagues to see how it plays out. long term he may end up Being a reliever But it looks like they will give Him a shot to start. He does have issues with allowing to many walks. He pitched great yesterday but he can lose Control at times. there is upside though