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  1. All depends on ADP obviously but he's been very underrated and actually has some solid weapons now. Definitely a guy I'll be targeting. I don't think right around top 5 is out of the question.
  2. Losing Hopkins is gonna be a nightmare for him. He's been shying away from running more and more. I'm not saying he can't/won't, but he uses it much more as a last resort. He's phenomenal, but this offense is gonna really struggle to move the ball. I typically grab him pretty early but I see him going real late this year (comparatively).
  3. For those concerned about Drake, what is it specifically? Is it just that he's never handled a full workload? Don't get me wrong it's a fair argument, but if you look at his career YPC and receiving ability, you increase his touches, then factor in he's on a MUCH better offense, and it's easy to see why many are intrigued.
  4. Assuming the hype train doesn't get rolling for this guy and they don't draft a RB he's definitely someone I'd target. It'd be surprising if he at the very least wasn't on the better end of a timeshare here.
  5. I don't see this trade being bad for Hopkins at all. As good as Watson is that offense stalled quite a bit, really struggled to stop the run, and was indescribably bad to start games. I expect Hopkins to be a locked and loaded WR1 this year.
  6. Ekeler will not be a RB1. They will definitely draft a RB who will be expected to produce immediately. Predicting that split will be a virtual impossibility.
  7. He's gonna have to slip A LOT in drafts to be worth the gamble IMO. I know he put up a phenomenal fantasy season two years ago but the guy's an ordinary talent who's injury prone. Lindsay is better. I'd be absolutely shocked if Gordon was a bellcow.
  8. Classic risk vs upside scenario here. This is gonna be an explosive offense, and Drake has proven competent in the passing game so something like 1500 (total) and 15 doesn't seem out of the question. The flip side of that is he's never seen more than 170 carries (college or pro). My guess is he'll be going at the tail end of the first round come draft time.
  9. First off gotta again give full credit to DHC for saying Henry was a stud when it got to the point where essentially everyone disagreed. That said, you can't give him Zeke money. And no, I would not have given Zeke that much money either. The DJ, Gurley, and to a lesser extent MGIII situations all illustrate this so obviously. RB is one of the most interchangeable positions, and also the one that takes the most abuse. And while I realize we don't have a huge sample of guys Henry's size, my guess is him being so enormous along with the nature of the position, and you just don't have a recipe for prolonged success/production.
  10. If a team TRIED to troll the fantasy community they couldn't have done it any more perfectly than this. In terms of his price tag next year, I don't think I'd touch him before the 2nd/3rd round turn, especially if he stays in Cincy.
  11. No one will touch Conner next year. He's on an entirely different level than even most injury prone guys. He can't even finish games these days - so you're worried about starting him even when he's healthy. It's unfortunate because he was a beast last year, and quite productive this year. But bottom line, if you're running a team do you have the least bit of confidence that he's gonna stay healthy? They'll definitely draft (or trade for) someone.
  12. I wanna say Mixon but he's been so much better lately he's actually RB17. Not where he was drafted obviously, but not a colossal bust. Saquon is considerably behind him in scoring and only missed a few weeks. Beckham is WR28, and I know Juju's been injured recently, but he's WR57. It's tough because a lot of the obvious busts like Juju, Damien, DJ, Howard, Kamara, etc. have been dinged up. Ultimately the injuries aren't why they're busts, but if we're talking strictly guys who haven't missed time, Beckham, Michel, Montgomery, would all be right near the top.
  13. Samuels being a DNP and Snell looking terrible makes Conner a very attractive play this week.
  14. Definitely. One would assume AP will struggle to find room, and Washington will be trailing/passing. This should be a very good gamescript for Thompson.
  15. I understand the concern with starting him but he's managed to be quite productive without Stafford. Jones being put on IR should mean 10 targets a game. With his ability, particularly with contested balls, I'm reasonably confident rolling him out there.