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  1. If a team TRIED to troll the fantasy community they couldn't have done it any more perfectly than this. In terms of his price tag next year, I don't think I'd touch him before the 2nd/3rd round turn, especially if he stays in Cincy.
  2. No one will touch Conner next year. He's on an entirely different level than even most injury prone guys. He can't even finish games these days - so you're worried about starting him even when he's healthy. It's unfortunate because he was a beast last year, and quite productive this year. But bottom line, if you're running a team do you have the least bit of confidence that he's gonna stay healthy? They'll definitely draft (or trade for) someone.
  3. I wanna say Mixon but he's been so much better lately he's actually RB17. Not where he was drafted obviously, but not a colossal bust. Saquon is considerably behind him in scoring and only missed a few weeks. Beckham is WR28, and I know Juju's been injured recently, but he's WR57. It's tough because a lot of the obvious busts like Juju, Damien, DJ, Howard, Kamara, etc. have been dinged up. Ultimately the injuries aren't why they're busts, but if we're talking strictly guys who haven't missed time, Beckham, Michel, Montgomery, would all be right near the top.
  4. Samuels being a DNP and Snell looking terrible makes Conner a very attractive play this week.
  5. Definitely. One would assume AP will struggle to find room, and Washington will be trailing/passing. This should be a very good gamescript for Thompson.
  6. I understand the concern with starting him but he's managed to be quite productive without Stafford. Jones being put on IR should mean 10 targets a game. With his ability, particularly with contested balls, I'm reasonably confident rolling him out there.
  7. I was absolutely shocked by his usage, but against a terrible run D I don't see why they wouldn't stick with this formula. Richard seemed to be the preferred PPR option in the past, but that no longer appears to be the case.
  8. Not a stretch at all. This is precisely the type of info that actually carries the most weight IMO. Because it's real. The coach speak, beat writers, practice reports, etc. are all nonsense. This is often where you get the actual truth. We saw it last week with the news coming out about the broken shoulder, at first seemingly randomly. It wasn't random. He was likely informed they were shutting him down, or at the very least sitting him that week. I'd be shocked if we saw him again ROS.
  9. He definitely will. Everyone will remember how terrible he was to start the year. These last few weeks will only be remembered by those who owned him. Not to mention the team has far too many holes to fill in one draft/offseason.
  10. Thought the exact same thing. So strange that they would use Washington in that capacity but not Jacobs. Aside from load management it makes absolutely no sense. Personally if I'm trying to manage a guy's touches I'm taking away a few runs between the tackles in exchange for more screen passes in space.
  11. Think I mentioned it in here before but the Texans have scored a total of THREE points on their opening drive this season. I don't know how it's even possible to be THAT lethargic at the beginning of the game.
  12. Haha, yeah that game went about as polar opposite as I think most people (certainly me) could have ever envisioned. I figured they'd get out to a comfortable lead, Watson wouldn't be forced to do much from there, and Lock would struggle a bit. All things considered, particularly the horrible first half, and that was a fantastic (fantasy) performance.
  13. Too risky. He could get knocked out of the game on the first play. Just not worth the risk. If it's Dalvin then maybe, but some of the options people have mentioned starting could outscore Jacobs even if he plays the whole game. The upside isn't high enough to justify the risk.
  14. No Fuller and Miller active is absolutely terrible news for his ceiling this week. Still should have a solid game but I think this eliminates any chance at a huge week.
  15. Unlikely. This is strictly a volume/matchup play. I think a realistic expectation is 18 carries, 80 yards, 1 catch, and maybe slightly better than a coin flip on a TD.