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  1. Yeah the only way he's out a "few" weeks is if by few they mean six. Also, Chase is better than him. Barring injury Chase will take his job. So you're holding a RB3/4 for 6 weeks to likely not start him once he's back anyway.
  2. He may make the most difficult catches in the league. Figured he'd score yesterday but the game was oddly low scoring. You feel like he'll trend up from here.
  3. I know it wasn't a great day, but the offense is explosive, he didn't appear to aggravate the injury, and Kelley did nothing. Still room for optimism moving forward.
  4. I was definitely skeptical, but this is starting to look pretty good. I'm a big targets guy, he's getting redzone looks, he's trending up, and if not for a great defensive play yesterday he would've had a 20-yard TD as well. He was open, Brady just needed to loft it about an extra foot.
  5. My guess then, is Payton's going out of his way to do it because Thomas is unhappy about something and Payton wants him to feel like he's in his corner. Again, there's just too much smoke here for this to be nothing. Healthy, then suspended, then phantom mid-week injury. I don't buy it.
  6. Not directed at you at all, but this is pure coachspeak, i.e. meaningless. Of course he's gonna say that. Where there's smoke there's fire. Not saying he'll definitely get dealt, but there are serious issues here behind the scenes.
  7. I hope you're right. This offense looks better than ever and Dissly was an absolute stud during his run last year.
  8. Dissly played 49, 41, then 34 snaps the past three games. I'm not so sure I'd say he's "trending up".
  9. Generally with a case like this we wouldn't get any update. Maybe he tweets something if we're lucky. Just gotta hope we know before the morning games or it could get a little dicey. I'd be pretty surprised if he sits.
  10. I'm not so sure AB helps Gronk. You'd guess Godwin takes the biggest ding but I'm not sure the presumed improved offense necessarily leads to Gronk eating more. You might simply be adding whatever AB produces.
  11. Njoku. He'll be involved with Hooper out and if they were smart they'd showcase him for a trade.
  12. Potential for the Browns to really showcase him the next week or two to fetch value in a trade?
  13. That Tampa-Oakland game hasn't gotten much attention all things considered. Not only did several Raiders get put on the COVID list but they obviously were concerned enough to move the game. Tough to say what happens if a player tests positive Sunday morning. Total speculation bon my part but I almost get the feeling they get tests results Saturday and sorta quietly move forward til Monday/Tuesday because I don't believe we've had a positive test come up on a Sunday?
  14. I'm not sure how plugged in he is but just factually that take makes no sense. Jones catches a lot of balls, can play on passing downs, in hurry-up, etc. Dillon will do none of that. JWill is the much more likely guy to take Jones's role so to speak. Not saying Dillon won't get touches, but they'll be 1/2 down and possibly GL and likely garbage time.
  15. Full Friday practice, coach says he's a gametime decision. Both odd and worrisome.