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  1. Including Vince Velasquez? He's always had a live arm and intriguing potential. Can these guys finally get him to realize it?
  2. How about Luis Arraez as a sleeper at 2B? Hit .334 in 366 PA as a rookie last year with an OPS well north of .800. Starting 2B in a pretty potent lineup, and just 22 years old. Might be a nice late-round flyer in an OPS league, especially dynasty.
  3. Still wondering about his dynasty value. Do people think he’s just a ROS guy, or is there anything worthwhile long-term here?
  4. Monster line tonight, and the Rotoworld blurb mentioned him playing at the 5 more than usual. Any chance this becomes a trend and he gets C eligibility on Yahoo? That would be SWEET!
  5. I’ve seen a couple of posts saying he’s good for dynasty. Is the consensus among fantasy pundits that Naz really has solid long-term upside? Will he be an impact player in the next 2-3 years?
  6. Getting close to the "2" of the "2-4 week" prognosis. Any insider info on his progress? I haven't seen anything online yet.
  7. Thanks guys, I took the deal and am currently en route to Costa Rica, lol. Gonna miss Mitchell, but I def like the two studs I got in return. Appreciate the responses!
  8. I agree with most others, I'd take Embiid over Simmons. Yeah there's a health risk, but IMO worth it as Joel is absolutely elite when he's on the court, and gives you another much-needed big. Thanks for the help with mine.
  9. That's a tough one, but I'd say Lopez as well. When there's good depth at a position on my team, I like to have a higher upside guy as the last option at that position, and for me that's def Mitch. Help me please:
  10. If you really want Garland, for me it'd be either of the Wizards guys, McRae or Troy B. Kind of a crapshoot between the two... who loses more time once the Wiz are back to full strength? I'm a fan of Garland's game, but consistency could be an issue ROS. I'd probably move McRae for him though as I think Garland's the more talented player with a clearer path to consistent minutes. Help me please:
  11. I'd definitely do it for Ingram/Booker in a heartbeat, but would prob do any of the others as well in this order: Murray, Lowry, Hield. If one more is needed on your side to make the Booker combo work, worth giving up one of your lesser centers, prob either Bertans or Favors as the previous poster said. Help please:
  12. 16-team H2H dynasty league, I've got a pretty stacked roster, have won the chip 2 of the last 3 years, and am currently the 2 seed. Was just sent this offer: His Devonté Graham and Domantas Sabonis for my Donovan Mitchell and Troy Brown, Jr. Let me first say that I love me some Mitchell, one of my favorite players in the league. But Graham is balling and Sabonis has been a double-double machine with other stats sprinkled in for good measure. Here's my roster: Mitchell, Brown, Giannis, Gobert, Jrue, Lowry, Horford, T. Bryant, Teague, Gay, Poetl, A. Simons, and Basemore, with Embiid and Bogdan Bogs on IL. Should I accept the offer and give up my man crush, DMitch? All opinions welcome, and will help in return.
  13. Didn’t see a thread on him, so here goes. Anything to see here for deep leaguers? Minutes in the mid-20s the last five, gives the Knicks a perimeter threat they need, gets 3s, points, even some steals since he’s returned. Sneaky value ROS, or is the Knicks situation too unsettled?
  14. I'm actually of the same mind as fbbaddict, I'm not that convinced about Wood, feel he'll have the occasional good game sprinkled among "meh." Powell is the more consistent option IMO, and definitely fits your team better since you're so stacked at PF/C. (That said, you can certainly use more quality and depth at PG... better to use Wood to bolster that position?) Help with my dynasty stash question please:
  15. Doubt you'd get a better talent down the line with your #1, even in a 10-teamer. I'd do it. Help with a dynasty stash question please: