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  1. That might actually HELP Foles’ passes get to him... 😆
  2. So you’re talking about that quick stutter step to get open? That probably saved Foles from throwing an INT. If Mooney just runs a straight go route on that play, Ramsey (one of the best DBs in the game) runs with him and likely picks off that floating lame duck of a pass.
  3. Have to respectfully disagree on this one. I’ve watched that replay multiple times, and Mooney definitely doesn’t pull up until he sees the ball is well out of reach. That said, the blame on that play fell mostly on the offensive line, not Foles — one more second of protection and it was probably a TD.
  4. I’m wondering if McKinnon is not 100%. He was the clear lead back and played well in both games Mostert missed previously, with Wilson active in each. So what changed so significantly between weeks 4 and 7? If Wilson and Mostert are both on the shelf and with Coleman being, well, Coleman, Hasty may just be the best man for the job at this point. And I’d def take a chance on a runner with his kind of explosiveness in that Niners run game.
  5. The thing that keeps jumping out at me from Tua’s film is how quick and effortless his release is. That plus his accuracy and ability to read defenses should serve him well. Kid looks special... now we’ll get to see how that translates to the big show.
  6. Rookie mistake there. Stay inbounds, clock winds down to 2:00, then run another play to eat away more time. CEH saved Buffalo about 40 or so seconds there. Hopefully the learning moment won’t cost ‘em.
  7. Must be the new strategy: pick up a veteran RB dumped by another team to motivate your starter. RoJo is suddenly hitting 100 yards every week with Fournette on the team, and tonight CEH is running wild.
  8. BS call, defender ducks and falls down on his own. That was NOT effing holding.
  9. Not gonna belabor the point, but just want to make sure you know I’m not saying he was BAD last year. The Merriam-Webster definition of “pedestrian” is “commonplace; unimaginative”... and that’s just what RoJo’s performance pretty much was most of last season, regardless of whether he occasionally flashed. As you say, it’s all opinion, except his actual numbers throughout the ‘19 season were def commonplace.
  10. Two of his last three games he had 80 yards and 70 yards with no TDs, sandwiched around a 9-yard game. Prior to that he had 11 out of 12 games with less than 4 YPC and only topped 60 yards once in that stretch. He started well last year and those two late games of 70+ yards were certainly not horrible, but IMO pedestrian is a perfect descriptor, especially when compared to his past two weeks of stellar running this year. Bringing it back to Fournette, we owners can expect further disappointment if RoJo keeps balling like this.
  11. Jones WAS pedestrian coming into this year. He’s clearly taken a step forward, and props to him for that.
  12. As a Fournette owner, I (and others, even Arians I think) were waiting for RoJo to be his usual pedestrian self so Len could step right in to the alpha role. To Jones' credit, he's risen to the challenge and proven all of us doubters wrong so far. He's a new man out there. Fournette's one awful game and subsequent injury opened the door, and RoJo flew through it.
  13. Haha, guess the lesson here is we’re all smarter than the trade offer sites online! 😁
  14. Thanks, I accepted the deal. Appreciate the responses!