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  1. Reds/Astros, Yankees/Rays, and Nationals/Phillies all delayed
  2. At least for tonight he is 😀 Playing LF and batting third.
  3. Officially placed on the IL. Hopefully ESPN realizes this soon...
  4. The argument here seems to be that because the pertinent no-call coming on the Saints' drive was the last big penalty affecting the score of the game, as it leaves up less to the imagination, it is the only one that matters. But that's just faulty logic. If the refs call a facemask grab on Goff's second and goal run, then we're talking about a new set of downs from the half yard line. The Rams would almost certainly then get a touchdown, which would have had a drastic impact on the Saints' following drive. A call for pass interference or helmet-to-helmet would no longer in and of itself give the Saints the win. Thus the facemask grab no-call on Goff's run had a direct impact on the end result.
  5. James Conner? Mack definitely going to be a game-changer ROS though.
  6. Crowell is a game-time decision for this week, per Bowles, after missing Wednesday and Thursday's practices while being "limited" Friday. Anyone thinking about firing up Powell if the Crow is inactive? The matchup against Minnesota isn't ideal but I imagine he'd get a lot of touches.
  7. Officially shut down for the season, per Callaway
  8. Not listed as a starting pitcher for the Friday-Sunday series @Texas, per TJ Cotterill
  9. Tom Withers‏Verified account @twithersAP 29s30 seconds ago More Expecting a Trevor Bauer update. He's currently throwing from his knees in the outfield while wearing a walking boot. Truthfully, he could give #Orioles fits with that delivery. This gives me a little optimism he'll be back at some point this season but still obviously up in the air
  10. Unfortunately he’s set to be on a pitch count again ... in his third start back from the DL.
  11. According to Marc Topkin, Rays beat writer, Snell will be starting Friday @ TOR You'll have to scroll down a bit
  12. Edwin Diaz threw 20 pitches in his save last night. Time to cut where you have him
  13. 6 IP, 5 hits, 2 ERs (solo jacks), 3Ks, 1 BB, 90 pitches in a AAA start last night. Good recovery from his previous outing, where he got slaughtered (4 IP, 6 ER), and based on earlier tweets it sounds like he could be back this weekend. Anyone else buying? Would be slated to get two home starts against the Cardinals and Athletics before the ASB.