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  1. Yeah, we've been doing this since the mid-80's and had to record the scores from the newspaper box scores. The one player per team in the draft makes it so much more difficult and you have to strategize more than conventional drafts.
  2. So I’ve been in this very non-standard league since the mid-80’s and the rules have not changed aside from adding QS a few years back. It’s a redraft and I have the first pick. One unique rule in the league is that a player qualifies at a position if he plays that position for at least one defensive out the prior season. Another fun rule which makes the draft unique is that you can only draft one player per team. There are no double ups during the draft. Starting in round 3, you’ll see owners skipping over tier 2 players on loaded teams to take a tier 3 player from a team that has only a few fantasy worthy players. i have the first pick in the draft and I’m vacillating between Mookie Betts and Mike Trout. Betts qualifies at CF and 2B, but is on a team with a loaded roster. If drafted first, I’d be locked out of BOS for the remainder of the draft, but I would have a top player who can play multiple positions. Trout only qualifies at CF, but is on a team with very few fantasy worthy players. If drafted first, I’ll still have BOS players available and be locked on LAA (no big loss), but without the position flexibility. With these variables in mind, who would you draft first? Position flexibility or draft flexibility? Starting Lineup C, 2xCI, 2xMI, CF, 2xOF, DH, 4xSP, 2xRP Scoring system Accumulated Points 1pt./1B 2pts./2B 3pts./3B 4pts./HR 1pt./R 1pt./RBI 1pt./Steal 10pts./W 5pts./QS 1pt./K
  3. Who do you think will do better the rest of the season: Conforto or Nimmo? Pure points league: 1B - 1 pt. 2B - 2 pts. 3B - 3 pts. HR - 4 pts. RBI - 1 pt. Run - 1 pt. SB - 1 pt.
  4. Thanks all. Some more info. Our league has has been going for 35+ years, so some of our rules are a bit archaic such as position eligibility. Didi qualifies at SS. Baez qualifies at 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, and OF Does this changes anyone’s mind? Or is Didi just too much of a better hitter in a better ballpark?
  5. Who would you rather have for the rest of the season - Javier Baez or Didi Gregorius? Purely points league based off of hits, homeruns, steals, runs, and rbi’s.