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  1. Not a big Keryon fan, or any Det back for that matter. Ppr I'm taking my chances with Waller all day. Thanks for my help
  2. Last Friday morning at 10am, a trade was agreed upon. Owner sent Antonio Brown to another owner for Amari Cooper. Announcement on Brown getting waived was announced at approximately 130pm the same day. Should the trade be vetoed? WHIR..... please leave link
  3. I personally like the Gamble and hold Vlad in high regards. What's he's doing in the Minors is unbelievable and I'm hoping his time is soon. Donaldson is on the decline and I don't think his shoulder is healthy. I think Vlad will have an immediate impact when called up..... thanks for mine
  4. I would decline as well. Especially for a guy coming off the DL
  5. H2H points My Manny Machado For Giancarlo and Travis Shaw
  6. Im looking to trade my DL stash for another owners
  7. I wouldnt give up on Goldy just yet
  8. Devers in that line up, over Bour
  9. Corbins velocity is down 3-4mph with his last couple starts. Signs of "dead arm" maybe???? I would wait for Bum
  10. Seems fair. Id do it
  11. He proposed that!!! Then thats the other owners fault...... Let your leagues drama begin!!! lol
  12. Yeah....Id do that