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  1. Does this guy really only have 11 rbi's this year, wow
  2. Im not saying he made the right or wrong choice, just that yall saying slam dunk 100% he made the right decision in your what if scenarios only accounting for the the negative outcomes, just stating that there are other outcomes that could have happened, because out of the 3 options listed, 3 is the best but those aren't the only 3 things that could have happened, whats done is done and we will never know 100% if he made the right or wrong choice, its mind boggling that people can't understand that.
  3. There is a 4th option, sign the tag, have a good year, then sign a similar deal to the one he just got
  4. Why couldn't he have played under the tag last season and still gotten the 3 years guaranteed this offseason?
  5. What are everyones thoughts on him this week vs. the rams?
  6. Have number 1 waiver who would yall go for?
  7. I'll vent for my opponent. I was done and he had Brady, had the matchup won, big ben throws that awful pick, Brady comes in, takes a knee loses rushing yards and i win by .06.
  8. Anyone been watching the falcons, whats going on with Ryan/Atlanta offense? Any hope they turn it around?