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  1. Big shout out to people like @alexstr whose tin foil hats blind them from understanding reality. Ignorant clowns like this guy are going to be one of the primary reasons why it will be especially difficult to contain this outbreak.
  2. Draft is currently scheduled for 11 AM ET, and projects to last for about five hours.
  3. The commissioner handles fee collection and disbursement. I've played for four years and there's never been an issue.
  4. Funny enough, Delmon Young did end up living up to the MVP-level hype... he won MVP of the Venezuelan Winter League last year, and just lead the Melbourne Aces of the Australian Baseball League to a championship this past February by pacing the league with 13 dongs.
  5. Hi everyone, I have a couple spots remaining for a long-running, hypercompetitive and hyperactive league with lots of side action. We are looking for managers who would be active daily, or close to daily. 20 teams. "Real" MLB rosters (C 1B 2B 3B SS CF 2xOF Util 11xP 5xBench 3xDL). Roto scoring: OBP SLG R RBI SB-CS W K SV ERA WHIP. Minimum 1,000 IP to qualify for ERA and WHIP; max 162 G per position and 1,458 IP. Live auction draft Sunday March 22nd, "blind" so nobody knows which owner is behind which team until the draft is over. $500 mandatory buyin and optional extra $500 side pot, each split 60% for 1st 25% for 2nd 10% for 3rd and 1% distributed 5x to individual monthly bounties(each month except April). 100% of prize pool is paid out. All non-collusive trade structures permitted, such as rentals (e.g., 3 months of my $30 player for 6 months of your $15 player) and contingencies (e.g., trade back if a player hits the DL). Daily transactions. Most of the communication(trade block, general baseball/life discussion) is done through a very active Slack. Feel free to reply to this or DM me with questions/interest. Good luck and happy draft season! -Rabbit
  6. Is there anyone who has recently made the switch from ESPN to Fantrax? It seems like there are quite a bit more free features available on Fantrax, but I'm curious: Are there any features that ESPN has that Fantrax does not? My main league is considering moving to Fantrax after 15 years on ESPN. The problem is that no one has played Fantrax before, so I'm hoping to get some people's thoughts before moving everything, and then discovering that we've lost some key functionality.
  7. I won a championship as Zac Gallen Fanatics last year Conspiracy theorists will almost certainly make 5 million Illegal Vogts relevant again this year A couple years ago, I had a hip hop theme for all my names. Ghost Ride The WHIP, You On Point, FIP?, Mallex Gon Give It To Ya, Rupp Jump the Mookie, I Like The Way You Do That Altherr, Wacha Flocka Flame
  8. Totally agree. The MLB probably wants nothing more than to sweep this under the rug, but I feel like more investigations are needed into these allegations. I would need to see more evidence about Altuve, too. Get the "nieces" talking.
  9. It's not directly mentioned, but it has to be. Bellinger doesn't tweet that often. Also, did you all see what Beltran's "niece" said about Gleyber Torres? Seems like a lot of information... where there's smoak, there tends to be fiers.
  10. Not legitimate sources yet, but there have been rumors about this for years.
  11. From the instagram post: Scott Brosius' kid calling out Mike Trout for roiding. It all depends on how much the media wants to make of this, but wow!
  12. To go along with those elite NPB numbers, one of the top verb-noun complete sentence names in MLB history.