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  1. He had a clunker the week after vs. a tough Saints run defense. 7 carries, 8 yards. But yeah, that 126/3 TD game can't be dismissed.
  2. With 12 minutes left in the 4th. Context matters. If they pulled that on the final drive it would be beyond comprehensible, but not quite as bad with that much time left.
  3. He dropped a TD last week. This is an offense that is going to consistently be in the red zone. And he's Lamar favorite target. 10+ TD's is a lock.
  4. If you gotta make changes mid season, you failed as a commish. Should’ve already been proactive and covered these scenarios. My league knows that if this continues and the season gets cancelled, everyone’s getting refunds minus 20% commish fees.
  5. This aged well. These posts aged like a white woman. Should be a crime to be this dumb.
  6. "on fire" sure is used loosely there
  7. Worth a shot as a post-hype sleeper. Snap count is there, physical tools are there, has an upgrade at QB, and is in a contract year. Looked great in week 1.
  8. Half point PPR: 1. CMC 2. Saquon, Zeke 3. Henry, Cook 4. Kamara, Mixon, Ekeler, CEH 5. Jacobs, Sanders, Jones 6. Conner, Drake, Chubb, Carson
  9. 100% this. Also not uncommon for rookie QB's to take off with their legs prematurely since they're still learning how to read NFL defenses. I think that should give him a higher floor.
  10. This year is the cheapest you will ever be able to get Burrow in drafts for the next decade.
  11. Surprised to see so many people so bullish on Sanders after losing Dillard and Brooks on the line. Those are massive losses.
  12. 10 ppg in half point ppr. If you're cool spending a 4th/5th on that, more power to you. "League winning upside" If I had a nickel for every time I've read that here. I'm trying to do you guys a favor. I do this for a living. Handcuffs in the 4th/5th round is not a winning strategy.