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  1. Is Berrios even out there tonight?
  2. Eugene Chung if you want full Korean.
  3. "To be devil's advocate the [insert team name here] are not paying him $X to be a backup." To be devils advocate to the devils advocate, teams do this all the time. From giving out fat contracts to FAs to trading for players, the amount of resources spent to acquire a player has zero impact on playing time in the real world. This argument get brought out every time from Duke Johnson being traded to the Texans last year, to the Bucs signing washed up Gronk, to Seattle paying Matt Flynn insane money then promptly installing Russell Wilson as their starter. The $3mm contract for Freeman is a sunk cost, they won't continue to give Freeman lots of touches if he stinks the joint up. It's entirely possible that Dion Lewis beats up Freeman for the "starting" role which might not be worth very much on an offense this bad in any event.
  4. It's a SWAG on my part but I think the WFT coaches are giving their top 3 backs all some touches as a proof of concept of their offensive playbook in various personnel configurations. Barber got some run with Gibson in week 1, in week 2 it was McKissic's turn to have a go at it. Don't underestimate the later since he's been pigeonholed into a 3rd down/ passing back to which he doesn't completely fit the profile (not great speed nor particularly shifty to be a great route runner nor make the first defender miss) and thus he seemed to get auditioned for a more pure runner role in Week 2 where he did reasonably well (8/53, 6.6 YPC). Given the loss of Brandon Scherf on the OL and that Barber and McKissic have more experience at providing pass protection and are better at it at this early stage of Gibson's career, that's another consideration for usage going forward. Given the poor play of the WFT to begin with, I can see a very large range of possibilities. I guess on the pure upside that he could have 1st year Doug Martin type numbers after a slow start. Bottom of the range, I can see them moving Gibson outside more often on the other side of McLauren and they struggle to find the "right" role with him like the Rams struggled with Tayvon Austin a few years ago. Perhaps middle course it's a RB situation like the Colts a few years ago with Gibson playing the Ahmad Bradshaw role with Barber/McKissic playing the post trade T-Rich "starting RB" where the later suck up a ton of touches while generally sucking at it. In the Bradshaw scenario it would still leaving Gibson as a super solid FLEX who gave RB2 level play quite a few weeks with a RB1 level gem or two game sprinkled in.
  5. I was responding to a poster who praised his pass blocking abilities. It might not impact his FF potential at all for the Giants unless his pass pro leads to more sacks, turnovers, etc. for an already poor offense that struggles with poor OL play and turnovers as it is. I'm guessing Freeman's talent and situation makes him a RB3 level prospect for fantasy and negative game script might kill even that value some weeks, kinda like a Gotham City version of Myles Gaskin / Matt Breida in Miami.
  6. Wasn't Freeman the guy who whiffed on the SB rusher that strip sacked Ryan and led to the Pat's comeback to win the Lombardy? Edit, yeah it was - he didn't even try to block the guy.
  7. I wouldn't spend too much FAAB bucks on the dude since he might not even get signed this year or not get signed until super late (see Jay Ajayi, 2019). Plenty of other FAs out there who could give the G-Men most of the production of Freeman at a lower cost - Lamar Miller, Isaiah Crowell, Spencer Ware, Doug Martin, and plenty more. They might even sign a below replacement level guy like C.J. Spiller or Jeremy Hill who seems to get signed by a team every year and proceed to get all of 6 touches for the year.
  8. I wasn't able to watch the game - I wonder if the play you're talking about is the one I'm talking about. ESPN scoring and gamecast showed it as an incompletion. If was actually a completion and reduction of yards gained because of the successful challenge then perhaps I might pull out the win once stat corrections get applied and I get the .5PPR point back. Here's hoping for incompetence on the ESPN scorer's part to help save my bacon for the week. Might be better to be lucky than pretend like you're skillful at this "sport."
  9. LOL, that leaguemate could have been me - if DEN hadn't challenged AJ's 4th quarter reception for 3 yards thus leading to the play's reversal I would have won the week by 0.02 points. I lost the .5PPR point plus the 3 yards so I came up just short. Still ranked top 3 in points for after week 1 so it's annoying but not fatal and hopefully a lucky break goes my way next time. Yeah it would have also worked out if AJ had come down with the throw you mentioned.
  10. Anything could happen because it's the Jets and rational thinking isn't their best attribute. That being said, even they would seem to not be dumb enough to cut a dude with a huge salary and dubious production and swallow the cap hit, then turn around to replace him with a guy who's not a clear upgrade and use $4m additional cap space to make all this happen. If anything they'd simply claim LF off waivers and keep both him and Bell on the roster to get around middling to low RB2 production combined between them, that's a very Jets-like thing to do.
  11. Agree that it's probably not but don't write it off completely. They have one of the top spots on the NFL waiver wire, have cap money to burn, think they see an opening with the Eagles suffering early injuries to OL and Carson Wentz, and a completely idiotic front office that makes bizarre decisions like trading for Leonard Williams, drafting Daniel Jones 6th overall, never bothering to check in on trading their high draft picks like ever. The pieces are there for it to happen.
  12. A name not yet mentioned - are the Giants delusional enough to think they're in contention and to pluck LF off waivers to create a thunder/lightning with Saquon? They do have $22MM in cap space and along with the Jets and Washington Football team have a storied history of making really stupid decisions.
  13. Probably hoping that between the two of them, the sum of the parts is roughly equal to one decent RB. If you could somehow fuse both of their best qualities into a single dude then MontNette (or would it be FourGomery?) would probably still be second string behind a guy like Mark Ingram.
  14. I see 2019 MG3 and 2020 LF as roughly equal talents so with Ekeler still in town that seems like it would be $4mm down the drain for the Bolts. Could happen but I doubt it. Houston Texans strongly disprove your final sentence.