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  1. Agree but you do need a certain amount of base talent to combine with the correct system and supporting cast to pull off what TB12 did. Put Lamar Jackson on the Dolphins and they'd waste him the same way they wasted (evidently) Tannehill. ARod arguably had greater physical gifts than TB12 and theoretically could be wearing those 6 rings now but didn't have those other coaching/teammate/competition elements. Put TB12 on the Dolphins and he'd still burn with desire to win and make everyone around him better (to the extent possible) but there's only so much you can do when you don't have much talent around you. Plenty of teams out there with one or two truly transcendent superstars and while those guys are still amazing they rot away on a team going nowhere. Witness what happened to Barry Sanders for years playing on clueless Lions teams. Same would have happened to Brady if he played there. That being said, Bellichek, TB12, and the Pats organization have been phenomenal about putting together the best possible formula each year to make everyone successful. What they do with average talent is amazing, it seems like they have a supernatural gift for figuring out what a player is good at and using them that way. And then leveraging that skill to the hilt and creating synergies with the other 50+ players and what they do well to create a "better than the sum of its parts" team. I don't think I've ever seen a team like the Patriots use so many varied ways to win and not fixate on just one mode (like "exotic smashmouth"). The amount of creativity, plain hard work to figure things out, and a gameplan that literally changes week-to-week based upon the opponent are really the secret weapon that powers TB12.
  2. Your initial reaction is generally the correct one, before you have the chance to overthink it.
  3. If Cooks can get 2 points and otherwise LAR doesn't have an offensive explosion, I'll be sitting pretty.
  4. He could but the recent track record of WVa QBs (and skill players too honestly) is the Air Raid offense and the stats it produces doesn't translate well to the NFL. I remember watching the hype videos for Geno Smith to Stedman Bailey and thinking OMG the later is going to be a huge stud. Wound up the dude couldn't even make the team, and his drafted 8th (?) overall teammate Tayvon Austin is hanging on with a minor role now.
  5. Only need for Mahomes + Badgley not to go bonkers and score 70 or more. Having DMont stop stinking the joint up on my team would be helpful as well; but much less likely than the 70+ point outburst for my opponent.
  6. Also Browns DT Larry Ogunjobi suspended one game. Steelers C Maurkice Pouncey suspended suspended three games. Notice nothing for Rudolph. I guess the NFL decided the Steelers would be punished more harshly by letting him keep starting than suspending him and allowing PIT to sub a better player. RIP Steelers playoff hopes.
  7. I suppose some of us can hold more than one thought in our brain simultaneously and thus understand that saying Rudolph did something wrong isn't "defending Garrett." Nor is correctly pointing out that Rudolph both started things then attempted to start round 2 after Garrett was walking away is likewise not "defending Garrett." Both dudes deserve the ban hammer. If you want to argue that one deserves more whacks with that hammer, then feel free to argue that.
  8. Both deserve the ban hammer IMHO. Yeah you tried to rip his helmet off and then he ripped yours off in return, you don't chase after the guy afterwards looking to start Round 2. WTF is up with all these small dudes trying to pick fights with the strongest guys in the league?
  9. Ugh. Was hoping Darnold could be a value pick in 2020 but now it looks like we're doomed to Jets being trash to start another year. Jets owner Christopher Johnson confirmed coach Adam Gase will be back in 2020. The Jets are going to see this thing through for at least two seasons. It hasn't been pretty for Year 1 of Gase, but at least the Jets escaped the Battle of the Meadowlands with a win over the same-town Giants last week. Gase's offense is at or near the bottom of the league in most statistical categories. Sam Darnold has actually regressed, and Le'Veon Bell is having the worst year of his career. This team needs a lot of work, top to bottom. SOURCE: Dennis Waszak on Twitter Nov 13, 2019, 12:54 PM ET
  10. Happy to have him as a 1B option to back up my primary. Can spot start him without a ton of concern that he'll get me a zero for the week. Not yet to the level I can trade away my primary TE and ride with just Goedert for ROS. Appreciate that he has quite a bit of additional upside if Ertz goes down unlike some of the other "usual suspects" on the WW like Jason Witten or Kyle Rudolph who are already at their ceilings. Would target him in trades as a depth option/keepaway in leagues where I'm planning ahead for the playoffs, especially if it seems like another owner has him and doesn't seem like he's truly appreciated.
  11. FF has a long history of JAG guys at RB position coming in late in season and producing good points. Hill *could* be the 2019 version of Zac Stacy or CJA. It's a reasonable bet to take even if it doesn't pay out so long as you didn't need to sell your soul to get the guy or drop another valuable piece to get him that one of your opponents really needs (like a plausible TE1 level guy).
  12. If Freeman is going to be out any time at all it's almost a lock that ATL brings in some FA even if it's a super-cheap/non-threatening option like Alf Morris. I hope those who got him off the wire (me included in 1 league) get some positive return on him. But be prepared to change plans if Hill pulls a Ty Johnson or someone like CJA gets signed who would probably drain any value from Hill.
  13. They can try this play and see how it works with the Bears' superior personnel.
  14. Hoping for a Kamara/Ingram true 1A/1B situation with Chubb and Hunt. Admittedly Mayfield doesn't keep the defenses quite as honest as Brees does but once you go past the first read option he has more quality receiving weapons so it might be a wash (MT >>> OBJ but OBJ + Landry + Njoku ≈ MT+ Ginn +Josh Hill).