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  1. Dynasty: Non-PPR, 4pt pass TD Up by 49.1, nobody tonight Opponent has Dalton and Drake Redraft: .5 PPR, 4pt pass TD Up by 30.74, Kyler tonight Opponent has Kelce and Diggs
  2. Non-PPR, superflex I'm up by 78.5, with MVS playing tonight Opponent has Mahomes, Rodgers, AJones, Hill, and Kelce going Any two of those guys going off can erase my lead pretty quickly, so I really need MVS to do his best Adams impersonation to have a shot.
  3. I'm viewing MVS purely as insurance against the possibility of Adams missing Monday's game. Adams has said he won't return until his hamstring is 100% and not a percentage point sooner, and any piece of a strong passing game against ATL should be money.
  4. If that was offered to you, I'd jump on it pretty quickly. I also have doubts about MIA being able to sustain quality RB production, and while Gaskin looks serviceable enough I don't think he's good enough to produce beyond his situation.
  5. I think it would be a win if you're able to pull it off, but it would require the other owner to value the Mixon/JuJu brand names more than their production.
  6. The only rationale I see for making this trade is if the guy getting Kupp and Ingram thinks or expects to be getting 2018/2019 versions of the players, and also thinks he's competitive.
  7. Vetoes are bad, and you should feel bad for suggesting it.
  8. Is it crazy that I'm considering flexing him over Mixon? It is, right? I know his workload is an unknown, but man this kid just looks so good. Was my favorite RB coming in this year.
  9. I'm thinking the same thing, especially regarding the bye. Hope everybody has other reasonable options for a bit!
  10. Also, us owners hungover from celebrating
  11. No he didn't. He said that he would rather have Kupp on his dynasty fantasy roster, while saying nothing about one player being better than the other. You're putting a lot of words into peoples' mouths here.
  12. Opponent has 115, I have 114.9 He has TEN D/ST, I have AJ Brown. So I suppose I need AJB to outscore TEN D/ST by 0.2
  13. Barkley. He's a big play waiting to happen, and should thrive in this format unless he gets hurt again.
  14. I don't see DJax ever starting for you outside of the most dire situations, so I would drop him for either Harris or whichever of the JAX RBs you think can win the starting gig. Maybe drop both DJax and AJG for two of the above RBs.