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  1. I think C Kupp TDs' rapport with Goff will translate to some strong early-season success given the lack of OTAs and such, but I just can't overlook the second half of last year. I have some legit concerns for his season-long production based on what we saw the Rams do down the stretch. I've loved having him on my dynasty team below, but I'm hoping for some early blow-up games so I can flip him for another solid RB.
  2. Dalvin Cook is another to add to the "first-round RB, before the second or third WR" list
  3. Need 20.2 from Kupp in .5 PPR. Pretty sure this is a win-or-else game for me.
  4. It's not hype so much as "hope he gets traded into a starting gig"
  5. While I can appreciate the points you're making from a real life standpoint, on this fantasy football forum I'm ONLY concerned with fantasy implications. I care zero percent about the Lions' draft capital or cap implications. My interest begins and ends with, "Do the Lions acquire another RB?", regardless of whether that's via trade, FA signing, or some top secret cloning program.
  6. If Ty underperforms and the team then adds another back, it will be wholly irrelevant to this discussion whether it's via trade or FA signing. Semantics aren't particularly useful in this case.
  7. Then how about "...if he faceplants in a cake matchup then they acquire another veteran to take his place"? Drake has been popularly bandied about as a target for the Lions, so that's what I went with in my post. Drake's name here can be reasonably subbed out for really any available veteran tho.
  8. I have a feeling that Ty's performance this week will dictate whether or not they trade for Drake. If he balls out then it's his job for the rest of the season. If he faceplants in a cake matchup then they push for a Drake acquisition.
  9. It's possible to be both shocked and not at the same time here. It's surprising to not see any of Barkley, Zeke, or Kamara in there, but at the same time it's not at all surprising to see Cook or Chubb on that list.
  10. I like it, tho it leaves one of the oft-injured SF RBs to compete for your RB2 spot.
  11. This feels suspiciously like a brag post. If this has been offered to you, you should of course have already accepted.
  12. I'm in the same boat with Adams vs McLaurin. I'm just playing Terry and not worrying about it.
  13. I like Stafford this week and going forward as he's simply playing better football than Goff. Thanks for mine!
  14. That first trade is a slam dunk IMO, and I might be tempted to stay put after doing that one. The second trade is good as well, but Waller is such a big upgrade over Hock at a barren position that it would be hard for me to move him, even if Carson is a strong addition himself.
  15. 2, 3, 1 2 - With Kerryon being put on IR, Ty Johnson is going to be the Lions' starting RB for the rest of the fantasy season. McKissic already had somewhat of a role with Kerryon healthy, and should continue to return value. Walton looks like the best RB MIA has, for whatever that's worth. Should get you a handful of points each week - useful for byes/injuries 3 - Brissett is a better fantasy option than any of those QBs you listed 1 - You'll obviously want to get rid of Fuller, but neither Stills nor PWilliams are likely to add as much value to your roster as the other options mentioned.
  16. Absolutely. I prefer Jacobs to Conner anyway, and Wilson is an obvious upgrade on Wentz.
  17. Have your commissioner push the trade through prior to Thursday's game.
  18. Contender gets big names for a push while a likely rebuilding roster gets some draft capital. It would be better if that 2021 first was another 2020 first, but this trade is fine.
  19. I think these two are kinda a wash with usage and production so far. Gut feeling or personal preference are perfectly fine deciders between these guys. I might lean Gallup just cuz he's on the better offense, but don't think there's a right or wrong answer here. Thanks for mine!
  20. I really like that for you. Chark is on a tear, and Bell's schedule really opens up the rest of the way. Help with my start/sit?
  21. .5 PPR Keenan @ CHI Evans @ TEN McLaurin @ MIN - TNF Keenan and Evans are obviously the "names" here, but McLaurin has been arguably more consistent than either. WHIR, of course. Leave link.
  22. I would happily trade AJones for either Bell or Jacobs. Conner feels like a sidegrade at best, but preference is a fine decider between the two. I would prioritize Bell or Jacobs tho.
  23. Seriously considering starting him over Kerryon, considering their respective matchups.
  24. Hunter Henry has the real potential to be a top three TE; his limiting factor is his health, and only his health. I don't think his injuries are of the recurring types, but he seems to be a magnet for them regardless. He's a pure risk/reward guy, with the reward being really, really high. Michel will be boom/bust, but will probably be more startable than Montgomery on any given week. I like this trade for you.