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  1. What fun would it be if I didn’t?
  2. 5-95 and a DPI on TD pass is where I have him. Also, he still catches the DPI TD pass.
  3. The guy is probably going average 3-50 each week going forward. Touchdowns are hit or miss, but I would guess 5 more. That is still pretty solid for a waiver wire TE.
  4. Welp. I am down to Dan Arnold or Jace Sternberger in my dynasty. We can't pick up players until our supplemental draft between weeks 3 and 4. Can someone start a Dan Arnold hype train for me? Thanks in advance.
  5. I will sit Henry over their dead bodies.
  6. He runs hard and has good vision. I watched him quite a bit after I picked him up off the WW. He has the ability to turn any play into a big gain. Sad that he plays second fiddle to another back this year, but that is just the way of the road. That can change in an instant. I would rather own him than not if an injury happens.
  7. Conservatively if healthy and doesn’t go full Lenny in the locker room, I am putting him down for 1200 total yards and 7 TDS. There is obviously room to go either way, but that is where I think he will end up and how I would draft. I own him in a dynasty, so my hopes may be skewed a bit, so take that for what it is worth.
  8. I had too many drinks and was house sitting many many years ago and bought baseball cards off of QVC apparently? I got a Griffey Upper Deck rookie out of it, so I guess it may have been worth it. My favorite card is still my Yastrzemski rookie with a picture of him signing it.
  9. Haha yes! Ups and downers and all-arounders.
  10. This is not a negotiation. It is now your duty to isolate as much as possible. Also, I have caught two home-runs in my life. One from Greg Brock in right field at the old Municipal Stadium (there was only two people in right field back then) and one from Jesse Barfield in left field in Toronto. The last thing that we need is panic. If you call off of work, the first thing that you want to do is nothing. Pretend that it is that day.
  11. China has a significant population in the US and Canada. Pacific Northwest is a hotspot for Asian moguls to purchase property. I don't know the numbers on British Columbia for this, but I think that they may be disproportionate like Washington state. There is no reason to think that this cant reach the podunkiest towns with family members in contact. Think of New York City and the population. It is too late too worry about that now. Stay alive and take precautions. Food ain't going away. TP is manufactured in the US and Mexico. That isn't either. Only go out as needed and we will have a fighting chance.
  12. My oldest daughter at about 13 was at an Indians game with her younger brother and I. He was 8. He was begging for a ball every inning like the rest of the kids at the side of the wall. We were in left field close to the line and sitting down (except my 13 year old daughter who was shopping and couldn't care less about baseball). She found a shop that would put her name on a sweatshirt or something for $50. She decides to go for it and ask me to get one and comes down the stairs from the home-run porch and Wilson Betemit turned on one and pulled one foul off the top of the overhanging restaurant. Tip drill through the crowd ensued until it literally landed in her hands. My son has the ball and it cost me $50 for a sweatshirt.
  13. At my major hospital that I work, we have tested ~3000 for the virus since last weekend. We are under 3% positive rate right now. That data doesn't really mean a lot at this point unfortunately. I think that we are still a couple weeks away from getting any accurate stats due to the incubation period of Covid-19. We are collaborating with another local major hospital and outside labs to accomplish all of the drive-thru and in-house testing. We have more testing instruments on the way to go in very soon on the east and west side of the city center at our regional hospitals to attempt to double output. We are running them 24/7. We have seen a great outpouring from the community here. We even have local paint and construction companies offering their N95 masks up. We are getting our temperatures taken as we walk in to the hospital to start work now. We have restricted visitation to one person and ONLY for pediatrics, labor and delivery, and end-of-life events (end-of-life may be negotiable depending on circumstances). I am on call (not a doctor or nurse, just an IT nerd for the labs that run the test) around the clock beat this. Please stay home if possible. I can't/wouldn't stay home. My wife works an essential job at the hospital as well and she is much more in the line of fire than me. Be safe and I look forward to getting some baseball in.
  14. To keep all athletes safe, MLB will be implementing ghost runners and pitchers mound WILL be poison.
  15. I just needed a reason to push me over the edge to drop him in dynasty with the pneumonia issue. I have him at a fair price, but not anymore.