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  1. 10-team, non-ppr, standard scoring I’m currently in 2nd place and my Kicker Justin Tucker is on a bye week. I was hoping Raheem Mostert would be placed on the IR so I wouldn’t need to drop anyone but now there’s word that he may not be placed on IR at all. Is anyone worth a drop considering who I have on my team or should I try and hope I score enough to win without my kicker? QB: Patrick Mahomes WRs: Michael Thomas, Chase Claypool, Robby Anderson RBs: James Conner, Josh Jacobs TE: Noah Fant Flex: Travis Fulgham K: Justin Tucker DEF: Steelers Bench: Jericho McKinnon, Raheem Mostert, Justin Jackson, Myles Gaskin, Devante Parker, Diontae Johnson
  2. Honestly TE has been such a crapshoot this season. Engrams value is terrible with how bad NYG is playing. He has decent matchups for a TE but it doesn’t matter when their QB is playing terribly. Out of your three, I think Cook is the most solid. I believe if he wasn’t dealing with a slight injury he probably would be more productive. With Thomas coming back, it may help open up things for Cook. I’m a Steelers fan so I also like Ebron. He’s been getting some targets but hasnt capitalized. He should have had a better line last week against the browns, he got called for a terrible offensive PI which shouldn’t have happened and he was also overthrown on the first drive of the game where he should have had a TD. Ben likes him as a big target and I believe these tough games against the Titans and Ravens are going to require someone like Ebron to step up since teams will be keying on Claypool, Shuster and Johnson
  3. Fulgham and Higgins top two. I myself am trying to add them as well. But Fulgham should be your first priority. He’s being target a lot and he’s also been consistent turning those targets into big receptions. Philly as bad as they seem, are fighting for first place and wilL be taking an aggressive approach ROS
  4. Def like you offering a place of depth to shore up your RB situation. Only thing I ever experience with such a trade is the other owner being hesitant due to not knowing who to drop from having to add so many players.
  5. 10-team, Non-PPr, standard scoring I’m currently in 2nd place I offered: Ezekiel Elliott, Odell Beckham, Austin Gibson I receive: Michael Thomas, Josh Jacob’s, Justin Jackson I wanted to get a solid top receiver and OBJ hasn’t been consistent for me to start him every week, I feel Zekes value is going to dip as well as Gibson and I wanted to add some RB depth since I just lost Mostert 😕 Did I give up too much getting rid of Zeke? The trade was immediately accepted so my team now looks as follows QB: Patrick Mahomes RBs: James Conner, Josh Jacobs WRs: Michael Thomas, Chase Claypool, Robby Anderson TE: Noah Fant Flex: Justin Jackson K: Justin Tucket DEF: Steelers Bench: Myles Gaskin, Devante Parker, Mecole Hardman, Eric Ebron, Diontae Johnson, Raheem Mostert I put a bid in to get McKinnon since Mostert is hurt. I’m also wanting to drop Ebron to pick up Fulgham or Higgens. Obviously since it’s a 10-teamer there’s some value on waivers.
  6. I agree with this. Keep Golladay. I would for sure trade Gaskin as you’re strong in RB and Gaskin does provide good value.
  7. I’m a huge Steelers fan and I will tell you that his best years are behind him. He’s a solid RB but he’s not suddenly going to revert back to his pro bowl years. First off he’s been very injury prone even when he was in Pittsburgh. Don’t get me wrong he’s going to provide some value but for what the asking price teams are going to expect, he’s way overvalued.
  8. 2 looks appealing but I’m not high on the Rams backfield. I would personally lean to 1 with the upgrade at WR.
  9. 10-team, Non-ppr, standard scoring league Currently in second place, but having difficulty deciding who to start RBs (Pick 2) Ezekiel Elliott ( Stud RB and should get more carries with Dalton at QB) James Conner ( Been decent but facing a strong Browns defense in what should be a bruising game) Raheem Mostert (Finally back from injury but against a decent Rams team. Game script has them playing from behind which doesn’t bode well for Mostert. Myles Gaskin ( Going up against the Jets and last week Howard was a healthy scratch, should get plenty of action) Antonio Gibson ( Not sure what to expect from him with Alex Smith or Allen under center ) WRs ( Pick 3 ) Odell Beckham Jr ( seems to be sick 💩 and his ability to play this Sunday is in doubt.) Devante Parker ( juicy matchup against the Jets and should have opportunities) Robby Anderson ( consistently getting targets and piling up yards. Would like to see him find the end zone though) Mecole Hardman ( with Sammy Watkins out, he should be getting looks and has the talent to put up solid scoring lines) Dionte Johnson ( he’s been pretty bust this season but the potential is there, monitoring his back situation but if healthy he has a chance to be a focal point against the Browns) Chase Claypool ( if Diontae is limited and there’s a chance he misses Sunday I feel Claypool receives a lot of looks again. Lots of mouths to feed on Steelers) drop your links below if you want me to help you out as well. Appreciate anyone’s opinions.
  10. I would drop freeman for Ben. Freeman isn’t owned in my 10-team and Ben is
  11. Bump Not sure how much action Mostert is going to see if it’s actually his first game back. Would have to think they would ease him back in. So I was leaning to starting Zeke and Conner and having Gibson as a flex. my Wrs are more difficult to choose between. Beckham is coming off a huge game and you always gotta start your studs. Johnson, Anderson and Parker are all a toss up. Parker has been consistent but so have the other two
  12. 10-team, non-ppr, standard scoring league. I’m having difficulty deciding on who my WRs should be as well as my RBs and Flex. WRs - ( Pick 3 ) Odell Beckham, Robby Anderson, Diontae Johnson, Devante Parker, Mecole Hardman RBs -( Pick 2 ) Ezekiel Elliott, James Conner, Antonio Gibson, Raheem Mostert, Myles Gaskin, Damien Harris FLEX (pick 1) anyone above not used