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  1. I agree with the above. Those players in bold are who I would keep for next season. However keep an eye on Sale and his elbow news. Just announced he won’t have TJ but the fact that TJ is even in discussion is worrisome.
  2. Don’t risk losing Adell. As an Angels fan he’s gonna be a big let if this team this year so if you let him go someone is going to grab him.
  3. I think it would be a great time to go after your second closer. I feel a bit down on Hader this year so I would grab someone you can pair with him. Hader is a great pitcher but I’m curious to see if the league has begun to figure him out. I owned him last year and he got roughed up a bit. Then again it’s hard to be consistent in 6-out saves. Thanks for the help with mine!
  4. I wouldn’t hold the Astros cheating against Alvarez too much cuz he was barely called upon last year and the reports of them cheating were mainly in 17 and 18. He has great power and that’s a great value but I would have to go with Judge only because he’s more proven and in the better lineup and ballpark situation. Thanks for the help with mine!
  5. Solid lineup and I like Snell over Wheeler. Solid team overall. Thanks for the help with mine!
  6. I was leaning towards Devers and Meadows. But was having a hard time with LeMahieu or Hendricks. It’s a saves league and Hendricks was so good last year. But LeMahieu comes with 1B/2B/3B eligibility.
  7. 12-team, H2H, standard 5x5 categories we get to keep 3 players every season, however they can’t be anyone who was kept the previous year and anyone drafted in the first two rounds last year. Im having a hard time deciding on my three keepers. Below are my options and the round value they will cost me in the draft. Devers - RD 10 Meadows - RD 15 Mancini - RD 19 LaMahieu - RD 21 Kepler - RD 23 Liam Hendricks - RD 23
  8. Was listening to a PodCast from Taylor Blake Ward and Joc provides something like 2.8 war as apposed to Kole giving us below 2 war. Was said that even if Joc wins his arbitration case for the amount he wants, he would still save the Angels $5 million over resigning Calhoun for the $14 million it would have cost.
  9. Surprised no one has updated this thread in regards to the acquisition of Joc Pederson and Ross Stripling. How do my fellow Halo fans feel about these additions? As for myself, I think this was a terrific deal. There’s apparently still a couple possible prospects that the Angels are sending to the Dodgers so that will be interesting to see. Love the lefty bat in an already upgraded lineup. More power throughout as well as a solid rotation arm in Stripling. Say what you want about Eppler but so far I love all the moves he’s made this season. Can’t wait for the season to begin!
  10. I’m well aware. But also how many pass plays were forced so that Brown could be fed the ball? Also the attempts were much higher last season because they were trailing many of their games and in catch up mode in the 4th where they needed big plays. Now I don’t believe his personal stats will be better this season in regards to setting career highs or leading the league. However I do believe that INT ratio will come down with not forcing plays to Brown. I truly believe being able to spread the ball around will make the team better. Only time will tell. Go Steelers!
  11. As a Steelers fan I really like him this year. I am actually crazy enough to think he will be more successful without Brown. Hear me out....Ben thrives when he can spread the ball around the field which he can do now that Brown isn’t trying to pad stats. He has solid weapons around him, not to mention one of the top o-lines in the league. I expect a lot of quick throws which I believe he led the league with last year. I also expect those 16 interceptions to be cut down now that he’s not forcing throws to Brown.
  12. I’m a huge Steelers fan and I can’t seem to change my name from Tittsburgh Feelers. Just something so perfect about it.
  13. Got pick 10 in a 12-team draft non-ppr. First 5 rounds were Conner/Odell/Diggs/Woods/Lindsay in a 3wr league that’s a good core and my RBs aren’t terrible. Ended up getting HH for my TE in the 6th for a solid starting core.
  14. Anything to see here? Or is this simply a hot streak and he’s soon going to turn back into a pumpkin?
  15. Listed as DTD. Any word on his injury?