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  1. McCoy only existed to frustrate fantasy football players 😂
  2. Welp no gronk to throw a bail out jump ball to it was cute seeing him run for a first down though
  3. Agreed. I’m the idiot for drafting a rb whose backup is an elite pass catcher his ceiling has caved in
  4. Hopefully they do something about those juiced balls
  5. Agreed. All he cares about is getting Baker his numbers. They want him to be a stud so bad
  6. Every single potential waiver wire darling: BUST. what a s--- season
  7. the hunt usage was obvious coming into the season from anyone who watched the browns late last year. some people just wanted to tell themselves comforting lies. pray for 50 yard TD runs
  8. welp, back to the scrapheap goes Noah Fant now that Allen is on the bench
  9. Nothing but dumb luck which is why everyone and their mother plays
  10. It’s pathetic how quickly they bungled all that talent that led them to the AFC title game feels like a decade ago
  11. why can't it be that opposing defenses have figured this simple equation out as well?