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  1. The best mix of the album of any mix available..... all of the mess-ups spoken of during production and post-production, on the LP, CD, etc. All of the remixes and reattempts and capturing the best mix available, the "77 Mixes Re-visted" or the "BAMF Lost Mixes" or whatever the hell, one of these being remixed by just Johnny by himself (probably accompanied by some very strong powder, if anything....), sounding like it was aided by a drum machine for extra "oomph" (which sounds just awful, by the way)... in the end, the best mix that was messed up was on a very limited release on the cassette. While youtube takes away some of its clarity, it's still the best version of a classic album. A .flac is somewhere on the 'net in perfect quality... so much better than any of the mixes to CD or vinyl that followed and anything since, really. I'll be on the lookout for a copy of the cassette.... but in the mean time, a digital copy is better than nothing. And it is better than anything else that I own as far as this album goes (so it's not like I'm even bootlegging it anyway... it's the superior mix by far, and anyone with one and a half ears could tell this).
  2. I've been playing Johnny Thunders (from The Dolls to The Heartbreakers, JT and the Oddballs, solo stuff, solo w/ backing band, live shows in Japan, Heartbreaker reunions, Walter Lure-anything (mainly The Waldos)... etc. etc. etc. Basically anything with an attachment to Thunders has been played near non-stop for the past month or so... A great medley of covers here... not to pick a cover song to showcase, but he does it well, and man, is he strung out... I have huge pupils... even when I'm not strung out... this man's pupils completely vanished into the void that is smack. But still, what a showman... a sweaty showman, but a showman no less. I also have been playing Sonic's Rendezvous Band.... the late Fred "Sonic" Smith of the MC5 (also left Patti Smith a widow- and I get to see Patti in May on a somewhat related note... yay)... I picked up a copy of Sweet Nothing on LP, and the version of City Slang on the record is one of the best songs and rock anthems ever written. The single (or regular studio version, which was actually the band's only "single" on 7") is kind of average at best, to be honest-- but the live cut on "Sweet Nothing" is unbelievable. Nothing like Freebird, Green Grass & High Tides, or a lot of those other "anthem" songs... most of which have the same country rebel feel. This is straight-up rock 'n' roll for 7 or 8 or 9 minutes. And it just rips...
  3. I'm a pretty kitty.

  4. The later parts of this rare take were used as the foundation for Revolution 9. You can tell as the song progresses. One of the rarer Beatles songs to squeak out of the vaults lately.