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  1. I see no reason why MLB can't resume by say, June 1st. Without fans if need be. But let's get this games rolling. We all miss it and need it in our lives.
  2. I know this is crazy talk, but do you guys think Judge has already 'peaked' in his young career? Curious about everyone's thoughts.
  3. If/when this guy gets called up, he'll be early mention for ROY. His stuff is THAT electric.
  4. I wonder if his popularity now will wear off when/if the season starts? Something to track.
  5. Hoping for ONE more decent year. Crossing fingers!
  6. Absolutely May will benefit. May's time is THIS year and I think he will make a big impact for his team.
  7. *Should* win MVP this year. Key word, "Should".
  8. Yeah it's crazy for sure. We've not seen things like this... in a very long time. While we do need to take serious precautions, and I agree with all you said; I tend to believe that the media has sure made matters worse by causing the mass panic and hoarding. Makes you wonder for real if the government wanted this to happen. I sure hope not.
  9. Hmm.. with the news of Scherzer ailing a bit, that 'may' be enough to convince me of keeping "May".
  10. Probable to start the season on the DL? I sure hope not!
  11. Plus, Cincy has so many options in the Outfield. Still..he has mucho talent.
  12. In our fourth year. My team is in Sig. I am at a crossroads and need some of you experts to help me out: Do I keep Nick Senzel or do I keep Dustin May for my 16th keeper? Thank you all!!!!