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  1. Did you send me an invite? If you did, I did not receive it as yet. Please send me an invite. Thanks.
  2. Please send me an invite. I would really be interested in joining your league. Thanks.
  3. Is the draft going to be slow or live? I received your email. Please advise.
  4. I have not received any information from you in email or here. Please DM me here.
  5. Please DM me the answer to my questions, as I did not receive your email. I am still interested if you have a space for your league. Thanks.
  6. Stars & Stripes: I sent you two emails asking questions regarding your league. Please respond here or via email.
  7. Please resend again, never received your email with info on your league.
  8. Please send me information regarding your league....I wrote you an email, didn't get a response.
  9. Please send me more information at Thanks.
  10. Please send me information regarding your dynasty league. My email is Thanks.
  11. Please send me an invite. My email address is One question: Is it a slow draft?
  12. What is the status of the league? Are invites going to be sent out? Please advise.
  13. I am interested, please send me an invite. My email is