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  1. I hate streaming, but I have done it and will do it if I have to.
  2. Is this a league with a lot of beginners or more competitive?
  3. If elite closers hold that much value and are really hard to find, that is the easy choice
  4. As tantalizing as Hoskins was, don't let that cause you to lose Trout. He is the best and then get a ROTY to boot. Great value on Bellinger is enough. Don't over think it
  5. Betts should benefit from the presence of JDMartinez but beyond that I still gotta say Harper in his walk year that guy is due
  6. Freeman Contreras Benitendi Upton Cano
  7. Well worth it, I agree with the previous poster in trying to add secondary pieces, butnypu can always just add from available free agents.
  8. Perez out of those three. miggy is still awesome but can be taken in the draft.
  9. There have got to be other leagues to join. I could join a few leagues, what's up?