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  1. I have Albies on my team currently but have a window to get Lux for Albies. Who thinks Lux is going to exceed Albie's ceiling? I can keep either as long as I like, so I can ride either out. I'm not so sure I'll have another window to get lux though. One argument is that why go after another 2b when I have one like Albies. I get no one has a crystal ball, but I'd like to hear anyone's thoughts. WHIR. Thanks!
  2. I do for sure agree about never having too many pitchers, but I'm just over Keuchel. I pulled him off waivers in april and waited him out, thought he would do better than he did in ATL. I would likely keep Gray over him if I were to keep another pitcher.
  3. Throw Backs would be: James McCann Danny Santana Willy Adames Nomar Mazara Joey Bart Adley Rutschman Royce Lewis Estevan Florial Jon Gray Dallas Keuchel Justin Dunn Brusdar Graterol James Karinchak Keepers Are: Josh Bell Tommy Edman Rafael Devers Xander Bogaerts Victor Robles Christian Yelich Lucas Giolito Mike Soroka
  4. What is the general consensus on him for next year? Starter for sure? For context, I'm considering keeping him in a 20 team head to head points league. He's young and has multiple positions. He really impressed me this season and with a potential full season of AB's his numbers also project pretty decently. Thanks For any thoughts!
  5. Hello! We are The Bigger League! We are a free 20 team, FANTRAX Head to Head points fantasy baseball league. We are a competitive but friendly bunch. We boasted a full 20 owners participating in the draft the last several years year. We have a league constitution that lays out what we look for and how we expect the league to run. We hold owners accountable and there are no dead owners. A 20 team league as active as our is a rarity and is a grind. Almost daily participation is required and the league is not for the casual owner who is playing just to pass the time. Ask any of our current owners and they'll tell you it's the best league they've ever played in because of all of this. Our constitution can be found here. Please take some time to read through it. If you're like "woah, that's crazy, that's way too many rules!" No problem, we're not for everyone. But if you read it and like what you see please read on. The team you'd be taking over is here. Should that not take you to a team, navigate to the Cleveland Indians. It's very much a project and needs a lot of work. The last owner was a little too passive. We're understanding of the situation and state of the team and are willing to be patient with an owner as long as the little things are being done. (Set roster daily,set trade block, respond to trade offers) A rebuild takes time. Now that being said.... This is a great opportunity to get into a really active and engaging league. We realize this current season is probably lost for the team, but our trade deadline isn't until Aug 19. SO there is still time to begin to shape the team in the direction you would like. Use the rest of this season to get to know the league and hit the ground running in 2020! So, I realize this was a lot, but if you managed to read this far and are still interested here's what I need.... I need you to either PM me here or preferably Email me over at i8mygoldfish@gmail.com with the following questions answered. You won't be considered if the questions aren't answered. Those that do answer the questions will at least get a reply. Age: Location/TIme Zone: Biggest fantasy baseball successes and failures? Years playing Fantasy Baseball? What do you find interesting in our constitution? What makes you a fit for the league? What aspect of the team you'd potentially be taking do you see as potential? Players worth keeping? Best of luck and we're looking forward to welcoming you to our great league!
  6. We are looking for 2 owners to get a startup auction league going. The draft is tonight at 9pm EST. You MUST be able to draft tonight. For now it's a redraft year to year. If the league works well and we wish to expand into keepers, we can cross that bridge. The current 8 owners we have are all in house owners and are great owners, we've all exhausted our options though so we're opening the door to public owners in hopes we get at least 1 good one. The first person that replies back to me will get an invite. The second will be on stand by as I may have one more in house option. We're looking to have things filled and ready to go by 7pm tonight. So you will hear back by then for sure regardless. You can reply here to this thread, PM me on the forums or send me an email at i8mygoldfish86@gmail.com Thanks for looking!
  7. Thanks for the thoughts on mine. Springer really has come into his own. You offense is stacked so you can afford to move Springer. I also really like Stras and this is a pretty decent trade on paper. But you might be able to get a better pitcher for Springer. have you tried shopping him? If no one else has bitten than i say Do the trade.
  8. 10 team league,20 keepers, Head to Head Categories. The normal categories nothing crazy. Side A:Nolan Arrenado and 25th round(5th after keepers) For Side B: Bellinger and Kenley and first overall pick. Side A-Nolan is the teams only 3b but could draft one with the first overall. Also Side A Has a bunch of good young pitchers but no closers. Kenley is the top closer in the game but has been the best in the game. Side B really wants Arrenado. Is a loss of Arrenado made up by Bellinger? With the additional stats that Kenely helps with? Which side wins? Thanks in advance and WHIR.
  9. Hello! We are a free ESPN, head to head points league with 8 keepers. Our settings can be found here. The Bigger League is seeking one owner! We pride ourselves on activity and participation. We're a 20 owner league that can boast full draft participation the last 4 years. We are competitive but friendly. We have incentives in place to encourage owners to stick things out even as teams fall out of the playoff picture. We have a league constitution which can be found here. We realize that it isn't for everyone and that's fine. If you're like "Woah, that's crazy" than you can probably stop reading. But if you are like "Hey that's cool and looks really well organized" than continue on! We currently have 19 owners who enjoy and appreciate the structure of the rules. They make the league enjoyable and fun and there's no "unwritten rules". If we happen to omit something and realize it along the way we ask for league participation to add it to the constitution in most situations. Most of our rules and guidelines we have in place were a group effort. Every time we take in new members and they end up being a fit they always end up saying it's one of the most well run leagues they've ever played in. We are picky on who we take in and there is a vetting process to make sure a person is a fit for us and after acceptance there is a probationary period to make sure new owners can adjust and become comfortable. We do weekly recaps and have what we call "spots" with various stats and streaks and other neat things. We have a guy who does a year long spread sheet which always turns out amazing and is an awesome way to recap the season in a unique,above and beyond way. We offer a lot for a free league. We're awesome and different. This is a great opportunity to get into a deep, well run and established league. The team that needs replacing is here. You would pick exactly 8 keepers from the roster. Keeper lock date is still several weeks as is the draft. The following questions must be answered to be considered for the league. 1.Age 2.Years of Fantasy baseball experience? 3.Best or Worst fantasy baseball experience ? 4. Something that you find interesting in our constitution? 5.Can you commit to the daily rigors of a large league like ours? 6. What timezone are you in? Any questions on anything above and the answers to the above 6 questions can either be PM'd to me or sent to my email at i8mygoldfish86@gmail.com Thanks for reading and good luck!