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  1. Would you trade him for Evans and Hyde?
  2. Yes I would absolutely do that trade. Godwin might even be better than Evans ROS. I guess Allen and Kirk would be the drops for me.
  3. I'd actually go with Gordon IMO. Fantasypros ranks Gordon better as well ROS. Better schedule too.
  4. Another team that really wants him offered Hyde and Evans. I declined that. Hyde doesn't do much for me. Here's his team: Rbs: Hyde, Michel, Duke, Barber WRs; Evans, Thielen, T. Hill, Tate, Dorsett, Crowder
  5. Whats an RB or 2 you think I should try and target?
  6. I have sent out a message. I had one offer of Hyde and Mike Evans for Barkley but a lot of guys are not willing to trade for him or don't want to wait. I was decline for Mack. And the David Johnson owner wants Barkley AND Mike Thomas(too much). I have a lot of stubborn people in my league ugh. This owner scoffed at Kerryon and Woods for Barkley and Josh Gordon but might do it 1 for 1. His other RBs are CMC, Henry, Kerryon, Gallman and Mattison.
  7. Yeah I'd take AJ if you need WR help. If you are hurting at RB after doing this though I'd probably stick.
  8. Gotta be Brown. He's got a better chance at the #1 guy going down at this point.
  9. 12 team Std So I'm 0-3, and hurting at RB. Would you sell Barkley for Kerryon? My RBs are: Aaron Jones, Tevin Coleman, Darrel Williams, Justin Jackson, and Barkley.
  10. They said Desean wouldn't really miss any time at all actually. Anyway just wondering. Do you guys prefer this guy or Mecole Hardman on KC?
  11. I too would be interested. This is the first year my longtime league (since 2005) is not doing it and I am missing it.
  12. No flex in my league unfortunately. Only start 2 Rbs and my other one is Barkley. Ain't benching him..
  13. Damn now I thought my decision between him vs. Dalvin Cook was tough. I guess I'd go Henry because the Rams have zero reason to risk Gurley at all here. They should dominate without him. Help?
  14. Wait for JuJu and roll with Pettis if Juju is out. Help?
  15. Have to go with Rivers. He's having an mvp like season Help? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/738737-tough-decisions-everywhere-ahh-help-whir/
  16. Tee - Why Help w mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/738737-tough-decisions-everywhere-ahh-help-whir/
  17. I agree. Stay pat. Help w mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/738737-tough-decisions-everywhere-ahh-help-whir/
  18. Ballage over White (this isn't a game where I forsee Brady passing a ton to his rbs) Wilson over Rodgers. Help? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/738737-tough-decisions-everywhere-ahh-help-whir/