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  1. Add 4% more walks, and I could warm up to the idea, since Kieboom is always one of the top walk guys in his league. Even when Kieboom was called up to the big leagues for 5 minutes last year, he still generated a higher walk rate than you would expect from Cabrera.
  2. He has a lot of potential. Has always had good walk and K% rates in the minors, and those guys tend to fair better long term. In OBP leagues, like the one I am in, I would imagine his value is even higher.
  3. Yeah, when I think post-hype I generally think of Byron Buxton or maybe Willy Adames. Guys who were thought to be big things that after a few seasons have lost their luster.
  4. Is he already post-hype? Was he ever really that hyped? Just a question. I would think somebody like Franchy Cordero would maybe more post-hype, and even then...
  5. [...] There simply is not enough evidence that he will start, though he has a shot. He might not be a good defender at 3B. Not everyone can easily learn a new position and play MLB caliber defense at every infield position.
  6. Baseball before June would be a shocker at this point.
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/mar/15/trump-offers-large-sums-for-exclusive-access-to-coronavirus-vaccine Trump is offering a lot of government funds to purchase conarvirus vaccine labs from other countries. However if they accept the money, the vaccines can only be used for the US, and no vaccines or help provided to the country they reside in. Yes, the US trying to suppress a lot as well. My wonder is how much of the statistics coming from China is totally accurate. You don't know what numbers were softened to mask the seriousness of the virus to make it look less worse than it really is.
  8. Spring training really hard to judge. Lewis Brinson always looks like a power monster in the spring, and then last year he doesn't hit a single home-run during the regular season.
  9. Matt Carpenter is already having back issues. I think even if he is ready for opening day, Carpenter is probably going to be benched 2-3 days a week unless he is knocking the cover off the ball. Edman def. is going to get a lot of 3B and OF appearances this season in my mind.
  10. Coronavirus is still young, and can grow this year to be the 20/20 player we all know it to be. Oh, wait, typically Rotoworld response. The coronavirus might have a more limited effect in America as the weather starts warming up and people are less confined. Similar pattern to standard flue.
  11. Robles 25% chance upside next year - .270/.340/.500 hitting 22HR and stealing 35SB in 630PA, clearing 100 runs and chipping in 80RBI, hitting at the top of the lineup for most of the season. Robles 25% downside next year - .240/.305/390 hitting 11HR and stealing 19 bases in 440PA, delivering about 55 runs and 40RBI, spending part of the season near the top of the lineup, before staying near 6th and 7th for the rest of the season. I think he will fall somewhere in the middle, which is closer to his 2019 season. But the difference between the first and second stats is basically the difference between Starling Marte and Manuel Margot, which seems like a good range for Robles to turn into as his career progresses. Again, he is young and talented, but there are a few red flags.
  12. Victor Robles had a 91wRC+ last year. While he has got talent, I wouldn't be jumping on him like he is locked to be a top 20 OF next year. Robles profile overall is incredibly similar to Manuel Margot, who was another top prospect with a very similar profile. Margot had a great first year, and everybody thought the guy was going to be locked in as a 15/25 player for the foreseeable future. Problem is once the book is out on you, they attack you and you have to adapt.
  13. His xWOBA is .290, so I think an improvement for him would be just to maintain a .325 OBP next year.
  14. He really didn't appear to bunt that much. Mallex Smith and Deshields both bunted more than him, and they had better statcast numbers. Altuve bunts a ton, and can still generate better power metrics. I am just skeptical is all. Not buying the bunting narrative.
  15. I was looking at his statcast, and its really bad. If the ball is less juiced this year, I don't think he exceed 6-10HRs this year. However, I think he is a lock for 20+ steals. I think you could get the same stats, if not a little better this season by going Mercado.