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  1. Note as we got towards the end of the season/post-season here, he has been hitting DH a lot. Roberts has said his bat is too important to leave out of lineup. I believe the DH in the NL for 2021 has already been agreed upon, so if Smith gets 1-2 games a week at DH, that will quickly give him a lot of ABs. Dodgers are a bit unpredictable, but if he hits well, LA seems to have no problem finding ABs for him. He was their best hitter for basically the second half of the season. The curious thing will what happens when Ruiz gets more games at catcher, does Smith become the DH half the time? Especially with Pederson and Turner likely out of LA.
  2. Listen, I started citing metrics, pitch types,ect. If that is how you define vagueness to you, fine. We can stick with your discussion on guarantees of how many SBs he is going to get and what is average is going to be because its fun to do so. People on here can look back on my work on the research posts I did for the community last winter on guys like Machado showing statistically I expected a bounce-back this season. But if people want to judge players by small sample sizes and how cool they are, they are free to do so. I mean I own the guy, that should tell you I am not being negative, just realistic and not deluding myself on hype. If he is a .250 15/15 player next year, that is a good player in fantasy, just not a star. If he preforms higher than that, awesome, but in drafts you have to go for value, and not pay only for the possible upside they haven't shown in a full season.
  3. Realistic upside I said somewhere between a juiced up Edman or a Tommy Pham. I think that is reasonable. Let's not go putting him in the hall of fame. There is going to be plenty of tape on him after the post-season, and we will see if he can adjust. He has smashed fastballs, but had a hard time hitting breaking balls and offspeed. Simply put, if he starts seeing less fastballs his power and average will tank. We will have to see how he adjusts. If he goes .250 with 13HR and 14SB next year, I wouldnt be shocked. But he could go .280 20/20 as well. His batting profile points something close to Aquino, but again, we will see how the league and he adjusts.
  4. I think his upside is probably Tommy Edman with a little bit more power and speed. While I can't see Edman exceeding 30 HR+SB, I could see Arozarena being a 20/20 player if he gets the playing time. Maybe Tommy Pham with less walks is a better upside comp.
  5. Gurriel Jr is going into next season as a projected.290avg/340obp player that can get you 30HR and 10SB. Unless your in like an 8-team league, that is a great OF#3.
  6. I agree with this. But the gamble might be worth it. His hit tool was very solid in the minors, so I wouldn't be shocked to see a 8ish BB%, 20k% next year. He looks like a solid candidate to be a 20/20 player next year while hitting for a .280ish average. That assumes of course the Rays give him 140+ starts. He might be a bit like Byron Buxton, however sacrificing a little speed for a lot more contact and higher OBP, which is a trade I would happy do.
  7. Brian Goodwin traded leaves the door open.
  8. It might be the shift. What is really strange (good?) is that every year he makes improvements against lefties, and this year he is finally crushing them, with a 149 wRC+ and .350 ISO. What he isn't doing is hitting righties as well as in previous years (though the underlying numbers haven't really changed.) However if those numbers get back to career levels, we might still not have seen the best of Olson, and he still is only 26.
  9. It looks pretty legit and in line with past years, if not a step above. His plate discipline is at the best its ever been, he is still hitting ball with power. I wrote something more in-depth on the previous page about how I could see his average and power see solid improvements this year.
  10. His fastball has turned around and has started looking like a good pitch. Having two good pitches, with one being quite nasty will start giving him a better chance of sticking around as a starter.
  11. Actually pretty decent. I wouldn't call him elite or anything, and his arm is just okay, but def. serviceable. out there.
  12. percentile speed does not always lead to a lot of stolen bases. Tyler Oneill is one of the fastest players in MLB, but at the MLB level you need instincts often more than speed. Grisham stealing 10+ bases for a few years wouldn't surprise me though.
  13. True, he might not be able to hit lefties...but no real CF backup on Padres.
  14. He has been smashing the last week or so.