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  1. In my league we have 14 owners and 25 roster spots including starters and bench....we also have 3 DL slots as well...waivers are bone dry for most of the season, though if you strike early in the season there is usually some great undrafted talent
  2. I'm still on the fence about holding Marquez as my 15th keeper. After a very solid season 2 years ago, the regression was just too much to handle last year though. I'd love someone to chime in with any reasons we could expect a bounce back year in 2020.
  3. I would not deal Story for Scherzer/Ray personally. Scherzer showed signs of breaking down last year, and as others have said, Story is a first rounder in many leagues. Adding Roby Rat doesn't do anything for me either, as you could draft a pitcher better than him easily in the draft.
  4. Not really a trade, but in my league we can purchase players from other teams with draft money, or toss draft money in to sweeten the pot in a bigger deal. One guy in my league has a pretty stacked team and I noticed he wasn't going to keep Woodruff this year (We keep 15.) I offered him $10 of my draft money and he accepted. Now I own Woodruff and his keeper price is still only $4 😁
  5. I like idea number 2 personally. I think the talent you could grab at 6 with Mookie would outweigh the upgrade from Mookie to Yelich/Bellinger.
  6. In a vacuum, I like Eloy and Snell. Is a trade a possibility to consolidate the talent a bit? Regardless of who you keep your sending some valuable pieces back into the draft pool.
  7. Been making all sorts of pre-season deals this year to get my keeper team ready for the season. My goals this off-season were to add some speed, address my MI, and shed a bit of salary. So far so good. The other day I traded: My: Alvarez/Gallo/Stroman/Teheran For His: Meadows/Hiura/Gallen I wasn't keeping Stroman or Teheran anyways, I was able to add a little speed, and shave a few bucks off my keeper costs.
  8. Yes, I would keep Gallen...ty for the input
  9. A guy in my keeper league is trying to deal me his Hiura/ Meadows/ Gallen for my Alvarez/ Gallo/ Stroman/ Teheran. I am not keeping Stroman or Teheran anyways, so they dont matter to me. I love Alvarez, and I love Hiura/ Meadows. Gallo is the one I'm worried about coming back from the injury this season. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Leave a link...
  10. 14 Team H2H Keeper Gave: $63 Freddie Freeman Got: $13 Vlad Jr. Also Gave: $39 Yelich Got: $4 Tatis Jr/$4 Yordan Alvarez
  11. Considering he came back in after the injury last week, I'd assume he plays tonight. If he plays, I feel like you have to start him...These Saints Falcons games can get pretty crazy. He's due for a monster game soon anyways.
  12. I do not think it is a high ankle sprain that will require an extended absence, but I would be surprised if he played this week. The only reason I don't believe it to be a very serious injury is that it seems to be the same injury that he had going into last week. He played the entire game last Sunday with this injury. I suppose it could have gotten worse, but I think it is more likely that the team saw how hobbled he was and will give him a week to rest up. Unfortunately if the Saints win this week, they could decide to rest him longer. If they lose, I could see him coming back sooner. Personally I am keeping an eye on the Brees situation because I also think that Kamara will be on the field as soon as he (Brees) is healthy. Absolute worst case scenario, as others have said, the team holds him out till after the bye. If that happens we owners just need to go .500 to stay afloat, and let him carry us to the promised land when he returns 😁