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  1. I don't think you need that many bench bats this late in the season especially....Cano has cooled of considerably so he'd be the first to go if it were my team.
  2. I asked who are you dropping him for, not who are you dropping for him 😁
  3. I actually like Teoscar in a dynasty format, but I feel like you may be able to get a bit more for Stanton simply because of the name value. You are definitely right to be shopping him though. Guy is always hurt...good luck
  4. I think they are easing him back into things and by the time he's ready to last 5-6 innings, the fantasy season would be over. I guess it depends who you are dropping him for, but this time of year, I like to stock up on guys who are showing results, not holding onto guys because of where I drafted them.
  5. I think Reyes is the safer of the two options, though Arozarena may have more upside depending on if he gets the playing time.
  6. Agree with others...try moving Luzardo first. Is this a keeper league or a redraft?
  7. I made a bunch of "win now" trades recently, but failed to win my matchup last week for first in my division. Now I'm 1.5 games out of the playoffs. The guy I'm playing this week has a terrible roster, so I gambled by selling off some of my "win now" guys for keepers, though technically still in the race for this year. Anyways here's the trade I just made in my 14 team H2H dynasty league: Gave: Kershaw/Greinke/Colome Got: Bichette/Civale
  8. I'd take Santana just to protect my average down the stretch.
  9. In a redraft, it's time to kiss him goodbye...
  10. In a redraft, I wouldn't be afraid to dump Laureano. Ride the hot hand to the playoffs and beyond...
  11. If you can only keep 4, I would take the Arenado side and the draft pick. I agree that I think Vlad is a bit overrated, and though I do think Ticker will be good, I don't think he will necessarily be great. In a 10 team league you need to stock up on the best of the best and I think Arenado is and will be for a long time.
  12. In a redraft, now's the time of year where you need to really throw out the player's name and concentrate on what have they done for you lately. I wouldn't be afraid to dump Bryant, Grichuk, even Springer and try my luck at some of those red hot hitters like Miller. Obviously trading away those guys in a 2 for 1 type deal would be the preferred option, but if the guys in your league don't deal, dip into the waiver pool.
  13. If you really think Yelich is going to finish the season strong it's worth a shot, but some people are much more hooked on the names of their players rather than the production they are getting from them. If I owned Yelich in a redraft right now, and was on the cusp of making the playoffs, I would very much consider that deal. Who are you going to be plugging into Voits spot in your lineup? That needs to be taken into account as well. Basically you need to weigh if Yelich+(Voit replacement)>Voit+ Winker.