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  1. 2 TDs on 63 yards receiving last night. I have Davis in my dynasty league but another guy has two top 10 WRs and I'm thinking of making an offer for one of them. I'm agonizing over whether I should hang on to Corey and roll the dice that he'll be a stud WR for years to come.
  2. So 2017 was a disaster for Cooper but I wonder if he'll be a prime bounce back candidate next season for two reasons. 1) Crabtree will (supposedly) be gone. There are rumors swirling that he was a locker room distraction and he will be cut this offseason. Could be just rumors but cutting him would also save them cap room. Considering that Crabtree accounted for almost 1/2 of the wide receivers targets this year, that should translate into a huge bump in targets for Cooper (assuming, of course, that they don't get Crabtree 2.0 in free agency). 2) Jon Gruden. Assuming Gruden is the next head coach, you would have to think that getting Derek Carr to maximize his potential will be priority #1. Considering that Cooper will only be 24 next season, I'm leaning towards keeping him on my dynasty team.