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  1. Ridley off to hot start. Potential league winner if Julio goes down. Not as many mouths to feed. Better qb. Vs Woods With Goff struggling a bit, Kupp being back, and the Rams offense not being as dynamic as previous season. Which side do you choose?
  2. A big fat no from me. Stay put. Zeke coming back is a top 4 pick. Jones has top 10 overall upside. Montgomery can be a monster as well. You're assuming far too much risk in Bell (new system, not as good of an o-line, no longer with pitt which utilizes one back system, one year removed from not playing at all, and worse has Gase). and Gurley who very well may be a monster but at any point his arthritic knee can flair up and leave game early or late scratch.
  3. I have a $25.00 Superflex Auction league with FAAB that runs daily. .5 PPR 10 team deep starting rosters. I need 2 replacement managers due to them not paying yet. Draft is tonight 8:30 PM eastern. I can forward more settings if you're interested. I need payments via leaguesafe (majority approval) as soon as possible in order to lock the league and ensure drafting on time. 1 QB, 3 wr, 2 rb, 1 te, Superflex, flex, defense 6 benches. Top 3 positions are paid out. If interested post here or email me at first 2 that pay are in.
  4. I prefer drafting as early as possible. Much easier to get values and I believe I have a leg up on the average user. Rationally one would think only degenerates like me are drafting so early... but seems to be a lot of casual players drafting during such times. I think the reward is more than worth the risk. IMO
  5. I have very limited experience in best-ball format and just completed a draft and was wondering your guy's thoughts and if I'm hamstringing myself too much with the way I constructed my roster: 1 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, Flex, TE .5 ppr QBs: Wilson Trubisky RB: Bell, Carson, Penny, Lewis, J Williams, C Edmonds, Peterson WR: M Thomas, Cooper, Allen, M Williams, DJ Moore, C Samuel, Dede TE: Andrews and Goedert So essentially locked up the SEA running game and LAC passing game and Panthers passing game. Just how it ended up this particular draft. Am I killing myself by locking up teams? I usually try to lock up Seattle running game for example. Is this a bad strategy in bestball? Am I killing myself by waiting on te after I miss out on the top 6 te?
  6. Sure a handful of people like that in my leagues (seen him go 1st overall for some unknown reason). But what I'm finding is that the vast majority of the time he is going in the late 3rd/4th round range. All my leagues are 10 teamers though but they're all paid leagues drafted from June 1st through present.
  7. Certainly isn't the norm, I concur. Which is why that is my only share of him in any of my season-long leagues. But I routinely take or CAN take Watson, Luck, or Rodgers in the 5th+ round in probably 90%+ of my drafts. I don't always take them as I have a certain group of players I will always take over them. But I own an elite 5th+ round qb in over a dozen season long leagues thus far. I have a few leagues where I was talked into taking Kelce in the late 1st/early 2nd round. those are my least fave teams to date. I think it just makes sense to to construct your team differently.
  8. 6th round luck team: Luck Michael Thomas Hopkins Fournette Kerryon Howard Carson Lutz LAC Bench: MVS Penny Allison Harris D Miller Dede Justin Jackson I have several other Rodger, Luck, Watson teams in the 5th-8th round. I just don't see in a 10 teamer why taking a qb before then makes any sense. Especially Mahomes. I'd much rather wait a round or two and take one of the remaining "elite" qbs.
  9. 10 teamer. I got Mahomes in the 5th. I won't take any qb in the top 4 rounds. Started Zeke, JuJu, Jones, Fournette, Mahomes, Howard. Draft was probably 1.5 months ago.
  10. I own Mahomes in one league thus far and my team is light years ahead of these teams imo. Of course I'm not foolishly taking ANY qb in the first 2 rounds or taking kickers and defenses early (don't even usually draft one at all) 10 teamer .5 ppr $$$ league: Mahomes JuJu Lockett Zeke A Jones Howard Fournette Bench: Drake Penny Shepard MVS D Harris Allison Lutz LAC
  11. Its a Yahoo Pro League... Yahoo is supposed to commish the leagues.... I've tried doing private leagues but I enjoy doing several leagues and doing private leagues with rando's aren't much different at least I know Yahoo will actually pay out the winnings at season's end.
  12. I agree ADP doesn't matter (especially at this point)... but it DOES matter when the trades occur PRESEASON 1-2 days after the draft. No one in their right mind would have graded Gurley for Lynch and JuJu in August... so I don't see how Melvin Gordon for Lynch and JuJu is any different. I don't generally complain about trades and never veto.... but the whole situation on the whole just really starting to rub me the wrong way...JuJu drop put me over the top.
  13. Just curious to your thoughts on this. Yahoo isn't doing anything about it since its a pro league but there been some shady things going on and I/the rest of league just need to vent... .5 ppr 10 team league. Almost immediately post-draft (and before the season started). Team A traded Melvin Gordon to Team B for JuJu and Lynch. Everyone was upset by the move as it was essentially trading his 1st round pick for his 5th and 8th round pick. It was protested by several members and yahoo allowed it anyway (I didn't protest it but thought it was bad trade). Later on Team A and Team B made another trade that on surface doesn't look HORRIBLE but the timing was questionable... and didn't make much sense on terms of context with the current roster constructions Team A: Traded Kelce and Collins for Team B: Hilton (just after his injuries), Burton, and Crowell (just after his massive 4 carry 0 yard performance.) Icing on the cake happened this week. Team B is in 1st place has 1st waiver claim. Team A DROPS JuJu (despite several teams offering trades and all being rejected (including several by me)). Of course Team B is going to pick up and fill his only glaring need at wr2 with JuJu. Team A Miraculously is in 3rd place despite continuing to dump players to Team B. So not a matter of being win-now mode... (I had offered him 2 trades Michel THIS week for JuJu and declined and Baldwin/Peterson for JuJu). So when you look at each move individually okay... but when you look at entire picture do you feel we as a league have the right to feel something seriously shady going on? I mean team A supposedly was so high on JuJu that he trades his 1st round pick for him and then JuJu has exceeded everyone's expectation and was just off a monster performance there is zero justification for dropping him.... for Latavius Murray (pre Dalvin Cook missing practicing and practicing in full) and EVERYONE values Michel >>>>> Latavius....
  14. if they'll take it I'd do it. Fournette can win you a league if he gets right.... Same can't be said for Cooper.
  15. 10 team .5 ppr league CMC for Cooper, John Brown, and Royce Freeman.... Thoughts? Vetoeable?