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  1. Big fan of this guy. Everything I read says he’s a 2 way player. Shud avg a 3 per game with 1 steal and good ft%. Grabbing em in the last rd of my 14 rd $ drafts
  2. Draft timer was set to 60 seconds then several wAnted 90. No guarantees it will be 14 teams as i have several unpaid owners. Otherwise id up vetoes to 6 if its 14 team league if still interested send me ur email and fyi payment deadline is tomorrow evening but id push it to sunday evening for u
  3. Starting up a new 8 cat h2h redraft league on espn. I have been running leagues for 15+ years. We use leaguesafe majority vote. 8 of 14 teams make the playoffs Settings: $2800 league balance regular season: 1st-700 2nd-500 3rd-200 playoffs: 1st- 700 2nd-500 3rd-200 draft order will be randomized via fftoolbox