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  1. settings: 1 spot still open
  2. here are the 2 rosters you would draft from. more teams may be added to the rosters you would draft from but that will be determined dec 4. also, you will have either the 5th or 6th pick in the rookie/fa draft Every 1st year owner will pay $100 into leaguesafe. $50 will be used for the 2nd year. This is a dynasty league so you will keep all players on your roster at the end of the year. After each season, there will be a 2 round rookie/FA draft. Draft order will be the inverse of the regular season standings. Teams must drop the amount of players prior to draft based on how many picks they want to make. Payouts: $600 league balance Regular Season Payouts: 1st-$175 2nd-$115 3rd-$50 (If there is a tie in the standings, h2h record in the regular season will be the tiebreaker.) Playoff Winners: 1st-$175 2nd-$115 3rd-$50 settings:
  3. 12 team espn league uses leaguesafe need 1 owner. half the league makes the playoffs. draft date is tbd Payouts:Regular Season: 1st- 100 2nd -60. That leaves 560 in the pot 1st-295 2nd-185 3rd-80 Draft order will be randomized through fftoolbox once all payments are in. It will email everyone what pick they have settings: