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  1. 8 minutes ago, kidsgotsoul said:

    Can’t conclude much here but explains the practice reports so far. I think he’ll play.

    Interestingly enough I also discovered that his birthday is today so I subjectively conclude he is in for a huge game tomorrow night.



    The catch Marrone is referring to happens at around 1:45.


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  2. 19 minutes ago, yanksman said:

    I think people are underestimating how good Marlon Mack is. Even if Taylor is better and takes over, I still see nothing more than a 60/40 split in either direction. Plus add in Hines for 3rd down and hurry up. This is gonna be like the 49ers last year. All 3 backs can have some good/blowup games but good luck figuring out when.

    Marlon Mack is trash.  That's a big part of why people are so high on JT.  He was drafted in the 4th round.  His PFF grades from 2017 thru 2019 are 68.0, 68.6, and 69.5.  I'd tell you where he ranks among the RBs, but the article I'm looking at only goes to the top 25 and he's not on the list.  Duke Johnson is #25 with a grade of 74.2 for crying out loud.  Mack has missed multiple games every season.  The Colts didn't go into last season expecting him to be the focal point of their offense.  They found out 5 minutes before kickoff that their franchise QB was retiring and had to deal with what they had.  They now know they have to be a run first team so what do they do...they go and trade up in the second round to take a 230 lb freak athlete with a Player Profiler comp to Zeke.

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  3. In the first game between the Jags and Colts last year, Williams had 13 carries for 116 yards and Mack had 14 carries for 109 yards and a TD.  Brissett and Hines also had rushing TDs.  The colts had 30 carries by their RBs and 24 passes.  The colts won that game 33-13.  Take it for what it is, but it sure seems like we will have a very similar final score and gameflow this time around.  Double digit carries against this defense with 3 rushing TDs for the team in a similar situation last year.  I like the chances of Taylor putting up a flex-worthy score in week 1.  

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  4. I find it funny that everyone focuses on how lucky Jones was with the TDs last year, yet I’ve not seen anyone bring up the fact that his first two years his ypc was up at 5.5 and last year it dipped to 4.6. I think there’s an argument to be made that he actually underperformed last year when it comes to that rushing yardage. 

  5. 1 hour ago, weakkneeswilly said:

    Doesn't Anderson become a free agent after a day or two on waivers?

    And than go back to waivers when his game starts if he's not picked up. 

    Not in my league.  It's a continuous FAAB system.  As soon as I posted that questions the Darnold news came out.  Forget Robby without him under center.  

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  6. 2 hours ago, Chwf3rd said:


    Feels very reactionary to me.  Mack looked great but it’s one game against a very poor run D. Henry I can see but not Gurley, Mixon, or Jacobs yet.


    There is still the risk that Gordon returns

    The Chargers have a very poor run D?  I'll be honest I haven't looked into how the defensive front looks this year, but last year they allowed the 10th fewest rushing yards per game.  That doesn't seem like a very poor run D to me.

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  7. Just now, ThunderDan said:

    Interesting...thx for posting.  But those comments don't say anything about six weeks.  So where does six weeks come from?  Must be somewhere if PFT and Sleeper are both reporting it I would think

    There is no quote about six weeks from anyone.  That's my point.  It's a clickbait article from PFT that Sleeper referenced.  PFT took that Jerry Jones quote and asked what does "dog days of the season mean" and came to the hypothesis that it means six weeks.  It's just their interpretation.

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  8. That is a very speculative report right there.  All of it is based off of the same quotes Jerry Jones made at the luncheon.  “We’ve got a marathon here,” Jones said earlier this week. “We want Zeke when we get to the playoffs. We want Zeke when we’re in the dog days of the season.”  There's nothing new there, but a headline of "Cowboys anticipate Zeke holds out 6 weeks" will sure get some clicks.  

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  9. 3 minutes ago, Jvanspro said:

    I tend to agree he will not be a successful QB in this league.  He’s Micheal Vick with a worse arm/accuracy and an inability to read defenses.  He’s going to have to roll every play to see the field.  NFL defenses will exploit this.



    Zero chance he’s 5’10.


    Facts are facts.  His OFFICIAL height from the combine was 5'-10 1/8".  If you want to pretend like there's some conspiracy to add a couple inches to his height then have fun with your tinfoil hat.  

  10. Bears fan and Howard owner last year here.  Howard was a terrible fit for Nagy's scheme.  Under the previous regime he was constantly running with more traditional formations (fullback, double TEs, etc.) and against loaded boxes.  He was a good in those situations because of his vision.  He is very good at being patient and finding the right holes.  When he got passed the first level, there was often nothing in his way.  He had quite a few long runs because of these situations early on.  In Nagy's scheme he didn't see the stacked boxes and his vision didn't matter.  In the situations he would get to the second level, he would get swallowed up.  He was also pretty much nothing in the passing game so teams knew what was coming.


    I don't think you can compare Montgomery and Howard because they have completely different attributes.  Unlike Howard, Montgomery has excellent short burst and was one of the best at breaking tackles ever in college.  He's also very good in the passing game.  I would not look at Howard's lack of success in the system as a red flag for Montgomery at all.  Just my opinion though.  

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  11. 17 minutes ago, bob123dude said:


    Nice writeup on just how good Jones has been in limited action. He’s even got a better pass block rating than Jamaal. :)


    I still think it’s just a matter of time before this guy takes over. The sky is the limit for him in this offense. 



    oops, wrong link earlier 

  12. Reports say Cohen is going to be used all over the field.  Some suggest it's only a matter of time before he gets a RB/WR designation because of how he's expected to be used.  Nagy has said Howard will stay on the field on third downs.  I don't think Cohen cuts into Howard's workload because they will both be on the field at the same time and they have vastly different skillsets.  The reason people say Howard has a high floor is because there is noone else on the team to challenge him for the between the tackles runner role.  

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  13. 56 minutes ago, devaster said:

    Not exactly loaded. But the situation isn't all that different from Cinci last season. And there is the Gruden OC connection in Cinci. The main difference is that Washington has an above average OL if it can stay healthy.

    The Bengals offensive line was pathetic last year and the offense was so bad they changed offensive coordinators a couple weeks into the season.  The Redskins Oline is ranked in the top half of the NFL by most metrics.  I don't see it being a similar situation at all.