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  1. I’m 0-5 now having lost Dak. I thought I was cool after the draft MT, Jacobs, Golladay, ARob, Dak, Monty, Higbee... Has anybody ever came back from 0-5, to go 9-5. I think 9-5 can get you 4th.
  2. I think I’m going to take the risk on this and go Giants. I’ve missed out on everybody good and only other option is Washington.
  3. Need to start two and can’t decide. Z Moss v Dolphins P Campbell v Vikings D Montgomery v Giants C Davis v Jaguars
  4. Can they go back on the decision or is it safe to drop him from redraft leagues
  5. I’m concerned, I really need top level production to win. It seems crazy to not start him but the Bears were 3-1 and really tough when Akiem Hicks went down. They then figured it out lately and have gone 4-1 last five, now they finally get Akiem Hicks back.
  6. I'd go Winston too as he's at home and has the slightly better match-up. Plus MNF so you know if you need him or not - maybe a stress free game as you could beblowing your opponent out or already lost.
  7. I actually may lean towards Ingram. Jets are pretty good v Run and Gordon looks to be getting 70 yds a game with possible TD. He had a decent game v them last time too. I think it's probably fine either way - maybe Ingram has a better ceiling as you never know if he's going to get multiple TD's. Another luxury problem like me:
  8. I have to sit one. Hunt - Destroyed them last time and they will need to run again - must win game Howard - Torched them last time and should get another good workload Shady - Home to Dolphins must win game, he is their offense Kamara - Jets good v Run so hes probably better than Ingram. Total beast if he plays full game
  9. Wow, some ugly choices to make there. It's almost six of one, half a dozen of the other. I think I may take a risk on Hogan - Ginn just isn't getting targeted. I'd go Alf over Perine. Julius over Seals and the Vikings destroy the Bengals.
  10. I can start two WR's. Right now I have Tyreek and Lee in, but a voice in the back of my head is saying Dede may go off, and Dez is catching TD's again - There is no way you can start Dede and Lee is there? Ugh, It's like the Marvin Jones / Golden Tate issue. I'm probably going to lose anyway. I cant survive another 6pt Tyreek Hill game. How would you rank those WR's? Tyreek Dez Lee Dede
  11. Witten right now, put him in after a decent pre-season. Probably got lucky.
  12. Just looking for a second opinion. My initial reaction is yes, as I have garbage for TE and i'm giving myself the best opportunity at TE for points. I'm just scared at losing the next Leveon Bell. I luckily have Shady and Howard at RB, so Hunt was a goldmine at Flex.
  13. looks like its just public leagues. both Bengals and Ravens playesr reset to zero.
  14. Hi, Looks like the Baltimore database has been reset in some NFL leagues. I've had points taken off me - guys like T West now show zero. As a result it's effected W/L and Leagues standings / Waiver claims...is this happening to other NFL users. It must be as I can see it in several leagues?
  15. I think Jordan Howard could be the real deal. His stats were quite something, even in Bears history. Other than Walter Payton and Matt Forte. Thomas Jones was the only other Bear to ever rush for over 1300 yards. Jones was a vet at that point had had solid years behind him, plus they were a year away from a Superbowl, so things looked good. For Howard to get that many yards and effectively miss 3 games is really something. Nobody comes close to averaging 5.2 a carry except Payton. I will say Howard didn't have as many rushes as those previous guys, so with an extra 50+ it could come down. But for me it's the guys attitude, the desire he has to succeed for his father (that t:shirt he wears under his jersey). I think his game log on a poor team is superb: http://www.fftoday.com/stats/players/15612/Jordan_Howard I think even without Alshon there is still enough to rival last years WR output, Meredith put up very similar numbers to Alshon so if Cruz, Wright and Wheaton can produce the Alshon part, Meredith does his part then I don't see how the team can get worse. Kevin White may finally stay healthy. Plus they just signed that full-back who is supposedly very good. I hope i'm right in that I just don't feel like he's a one year wonder. He's not spectacular on film he just gets the job done well and looks great finding the gaps.