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  1. So I’m in a 10 team league and draft is tomorrow (Saturday). We voted to change league from a 1/2 point per Rec to a full point. Bonus points for over 100 yards rushing/receiving and 300 yards passing. I currently hold the 3rd pick and was thinking of trading down to the 10th spot. I don’t know why but something is telling me that Gurleys knee will hold up and he will be a steal at that spot (I’m almost positive he will slide there). I know I’ll get Kamara or CMC at that spot,but not 100% sold on either (CMC depends on Newton injury and Kamara up in the air). Should I see if I can trade 3 for 10 and then we swap our 3rd round picks and I stay T the 3 pick the rest of the draft? Any advice would be appreciated. If if I stay at the 3rd do I target the two mentioned and then how do I proceed rounds 2 and 3?
  2. Come on man, you should be smarter than that. It’s almost embarrassing to even take the time to post that. Good luck.
  3. I’m certainly in the same boat, and been contiplating the same. Honestly I would make it work for at least week one (Gurley May have a hay day against Oakland) then see if there are any offers for you. Whatever you choose good luck.
  4. Like most have stated, you are weak at wr and not a lot of backup at the rob spot. Jordan as we all know is a stud when he keeps himself clean, but he is already fighting a hamstring injury which can linger. I’ve always loved Hogan but when Edelman comes back will he lose a lot? I would have to analyze this more with bye weeks and such before I can tell you in my opinion who you should try and package up. Good luck to you I know that’s not much help.
  5. Its pretty clear that Gurley is the man to take #1 overall in a 10 team .50 per reception league. After pondering it and reading these so called experts on all these sites, they are saying Bell is the man to own in roughly 1/2 the sites I have been on. Do I just ignore them and go with Gurley since Bell has been a no show. I know he will show up and play every game to his potential, but he has a stud rb backup riding his heels and wondering if he will lose touches. So is Gurley the clear choice? Rnd 2 Im confused on whom to take. Thought about Gronk, but maybe AJ Green or Howard will fall. Probably should go RB/RB since there are a lot WR talent out there. Please help I'm confussed and draft in a couple hours. Thanks
  6. Any other responses? Still not too convinced by two responses. Thanks
  7. I have #6 pick and #1 wants to swap my 3rd and 7th Rnd picks. So he will get picks 6,15,21,35,46,55,61,75 and then he stays at the 6th pick the rest of the way. I would end up with picks 1,20,26,40,41,60,66,80 and then stay at numb 1the rest of the way. This is a 10team league with a 0.50 per rec, with bonuses over 100, and 300 passing. The reason I’m pondering it is I’m not 100% sold on Barkley or Kamara and want a top 4 back. If 5 passes on AB I would hate to pass on him and would feel obligated to take him. I’m trying to get another team involved so I don’t have such a gap between picks if I trade with him. Any feedback would help. Thanks guys.
  8. Our $150 league we chop all the time. We also have a playoff draft after New Years for the Super Bowl/Playoffs. So after chopping we have a side bet loser pays the $50 entry for the winner. Good luck.
  9. CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, to make you feel better I took Nelson in my league at pick numb 11. I tried to talk myself out of it and couldn't ha ha. So I guess where I am going with this, is everytime I draft him either in regular season or playoffs for the super bowl run ( another draft our group has when the actual NFL playoffs start), Nelson gets hurt. So I'm crossing my fingers for myself this yr having him not get hurt, but if he does you more than likely benefited from it. Next time slow down on the alcohol because I'm one of those guys that do the same thing and either over look a guy, or pretend it's a poker hand and take a chance and it back fires. Anyway I wish you the best.