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  1. This sounds like you're trying to talk yourself into starting him even though you know it won't turn out well. The Vikings SHOULD sit Cook because he's not healthy and is going to be ineffective. They lose nothing starting Mattison who will destroy the Lions defense.
  2. Lol @ Cook saying he's good to go. He'll be good to go until he gets whacked by a blitzing LB and then Mattison will come in and run for a 100 and 2 tds.
  3. I would love to start Breida if I knew he was going to get the touches. Shanahan wants to run 3 different backs and give Breida no red zone looks. I've told people from the beginning that Tevin Coleman sucks and should be the c.o.p. back and not splitting carries, Coleman was horrible last year when Freeman went down and he's the same crappy back when Breida went down. If Breida gets the touches he puts up awesome stats but there in lies the problem.
  4. Fuller can tear up any secondary in the league. There isn't a corner on the Patriots or in the league that can cover him 1 on 1. People who can watch the coaches tape(not what you see on t.v.)will tell you that. Add in Watson scrambling around and Fuller is pretty much a nightmare.
  5. I picked Green up and dropped him again I after I thought better of it. No way are you starting this guy in the fantasy playoffs unless you're trying to lose on purpose. I'd rather start Cole Beasley than this bum.
  6. Ballage has run out of chances, whether they love him or not he's not getting the job done. Today's game should be telling, Laird has talent he just needs the opportunity.
  7. Ballage is beyond horrific, his longest carry this year is around 7 yards which is unbelievably bad. Laird will take over this backfield and be a 3 down back I think as soon as today. The upside is there especially in ppr with him being a viable weapon out of the backfield.
  8. R.I.P. to any Colts defender who tries to cover Fuller deep, if he's even he's leaving.
  9. Wouldn't surprise me at all, after McCoy being a healthy scratch Thompson is a must add to see how he's used today.
  10. Lol @ they want to rest him. What is he averaging? 5 touches a week. McCoy is done even though I think its ridiculous just because he fumbled 1 time.
  11. Atlanta has nothing to play for if Freeman is a little banged up they could easily sit him or put him on I.R.
  12. If Gaskin was as good as you think he would've played already this year. Ballage definitely has a lot to prove but he will be the goal line back and the 3 down back moving forward. You can easily mention Laird as much as Gaskin. Laird would be more likely since he can play ST too.
  13. None of those QBs are Peyton Manning, they all have questions on how they'll be at the next level. Aaron Rodgers was a late 1st round pick, like I said draft order doesn't equal success and never will.
  14. It's every teams best interest to win games. Trying to lose games on purpose to get higher draft picks does not work and will never work. You building a winning team through a winning culture. If the Bengals went 4-4 the rest of the season they'll have a greater chance of success for next year then if they lose out and get the #1 pick. Football is the ultimate team sport, 1 player can't fix everything.
  15. I don't believe that. People take note what's going on in the league. If you think every team will be lining up to overpay for a diva WR who quits on his team because all he's worried about is landing a huge contract you're wrong.