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  1. Fairly useless over the past month and a half. Not hitting for average or power, although underlying stats don't seem to have changed much
  2. The only reason to start Wheeler today
  3. He'll be at 81 by August. The real question is if can get his average up over .500 ROS
  4. I feel like there is a large middle ground between really safe matchups and @HOU. He is a sit for me today
  5. Muncy is eligible at 1B,2B,3B. Other keepers are Acuna and Bellinger.
  6. Steckenrider in with the Marlins down 4 in the 7th inning? Not like he hasn't pitched in awhile either. Did I miss something? And getting rocked. Fantastic
  7. Not if you count his 1 inning relief appearance against them today. Maybe that's how he can survive his next appearance against them
  8. His ERA vs. Washington: 15.58 His ERA vs. everyone else: 3.45
  9. Still crushing the ball. And all the peripherals, especially FB%, continue to back it up
  10. McCullers, Tanaka, Darvish, Archer
  11. Would you trade Chase Anderson and Treinen for Realmuto? Ramos has been brutal to start the year and has been dropped in the order. Realmuto is due back next week. I have lenty of SP depth but this would leave me with only two healthy closers.
  12. I would take Gordon, and I think your team could use Gordon more than Archer
  13. I can keep two of: Knebel, Castillo, and Wood. All for a max of 3 years in the last round of the draft. Who would you take? I am also keeping Severino.
  14. Cole as my first pick Other than that... brutal. I'd probably go Wright since Cleveland has a better run D than pass D and if you have to pick from these clowns you may as well go with the guy that is hot right now.
  15. McKinnon vs. CLE or Garcon @PHI 0.5 PPR
  16. I don't think this is a given. McKinnon scored a 3-yard TD last week
  17. Hill over Pryor for sure. The QBs are really a tossup, but I would lean toward Smith if only because it is in KC
  18. Gillislee Abdullah Powell Anderson Kelley Perkins West
  19. Although the last two outs were both 350 foot fly balls
  20. Still not hitting HR but has actually not been a net negative to have in your lineup since the trade. He has also moved up from initially batting 8th. Seems like hoping Coors would make him startable has paid off so far