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  1. So much for that. Bad weather and Lock couldn't get anything going on offense. KC defense was having a field day.
  2. AJ Green needs to be traded. Higgins is a baller
  3. at this point he's pretty much matchup proof. He has the weapons and he can run when he wants. Start him and don't look back
  4. Firing him up next week in a revenge game vs NYJ
  5. Got no choice but to play him. Let’s hope for a solid injury-free game
  6. Benching him today for Gio. I’d like to see how they use him before confidentially starting him
  7. Baker Mayfield is a terrible QB. Can the Browns sign Eli Manning so OBJ can be great again?
  8. I need the Cards to start him. My RB situation sucks so this would help greatly
  9. I’m sitting him and playing Anthony Miller. I’d like to see Crowder play a full game healthy before taking the risk of starting him
  10. I think they should feature him more, see if that sparks up the offense
  11. Total pts scored so far this year Week 1 - 78.26 Week 2 - 75.84 Week 3 - 64.00 My team is crap