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  1. Gotcha - Thanks for clarufying. Figured it was something weird like that. How about some of these teams who have aces hurt at the moment, Astros (James), Red Sox?
  2. what does that mean? Game Score?
  3. Are these players that irrelevant? LOL
  4. Win this year. Eloy first than Cruz
  5. Keep your 5. Maybe Bryant for Yu if you want to keep one more SP. Not hot on Bryant this year.
  6. I feel a Craig Kimbrel type situation coming around here. If Hampson is playing than stick with it!
  7. Do you mean is Judge good enough to get Eloy? answer is no to my question and yes to yours
  8. Dustin May - Rather have the devil unknown
  9. ozuna and clevinger if you can keep forever. Abreu and Thor if there are other implications such as years or round picks.
  10. FOrever keeper?? you have Soto and ACUNA?? don't do it!!
  11. In Roto - Would definitely go to Ketel. (Year long Stats)
  12. Take the best player at the best value - Lindor. Please Help
  13. Verlander and Judge both hurt!! You always take that!