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  1. I think Teague will be much better without Butler there but his fg% scares me a bit. I think I would lean the Teague/Hardaway side for positives in assists and the roster flexibility, assuming you don't care about fg%
  2. Got offered a trade. Seems pretty lateral right now, they are ranked number 2 and 3 in yahoo currently. Does it stay this way with both crushing it, does the King rest towards the end of the season, does Jimmy Butler negatively affect Embiid? Who would you want on your roster ROS?
  3. Great for some short term production, but I don't see him sustaining season long with so many pieces set to return.
  4. I’m not seeing it yet. Also what happens when Markkanan comes back, is his role safe?
  5. Just heard he’s in a pitch count in the pre game. Smallwood is starting.
  6. Yeah Mack is a strong hold for me at this point.
  7. I think Burkhead's value lies in a Sony Michel injury or fumble ... which either is very possible. But usage for Sony even after sitting out pre season and game 1 has me thinking he will be the guy.
  8. 58% snaps for Yeldon, 42% for Grant. Grant was getting touches before this game got out of hand. Maybe they use more of a 1a 1b comittee to fill in without Fournette. I'm not as hopeful there is a true handcuff after last game.
  9. Not a bad fill in for my Henry loss in my dynasty 30 man league. Hopefully him and Breeze still have some connection.
  10. AJ Green > top 40 pick ... so yeah a ton of value.
  11. Im not that high on Penny this year, draft pedigree yes, but I think he's going to an unfavorable situation. I wouldn't be looking early, but I like the thought of pairing some rookie RB's when they provide value. Michel, Jones, Guice, Johnson, Freeman, Chubb.
  12. I'd take the Bell and Green side. Basically swapping a 6 rounder for AJ Green. I have Bell and Zeke ranked very similar.