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  1. So, what you’re saying is that he’s kinda like a broken ATM machine?
  2. Big local Blazers fan and I sold Nurk going to the home opener and watching him (their 4th overall game of the season). Traded Nurk and Brandon Ingram for Myles Turner. I watch every game. He's just looked completely out of sync (somewhat obvious). I think losing all that mass this summer has affected his play, because he seems like he's trying to avoid contact and settles for awkward lay-ins and jumpers. He had two airballs from within about 15 feet last night against Memphis! He couldn't get anything done in the paint because Gasol was just a big body down there effecting shots. When he finally did make his first shot in the 3rd quarter (which was an awkward looking lay-in / hook shot thing that he was also fouled on) he threw his arms up and was like "finally!". He wants to be this tough, "bad-boy" center but he just gets tossed around now. He's going to get absolutely destroyed by Embiid on Wednesday.
  3. It's because he was clearly attempting to pile on to the sarcasm in this thread. This is a "made you look" moment.
  4. Kyle Anderson played 30 minutes and hit 5-of-8 shots and a 3-pointer for 13 points, six rebounds, a career-high 10 assists and a block in Monday's win. Probably the best line of the year for this guy, but he's been surprisingly solid. James Johnson without the 3.
  5. Adding with very cautious optimism... Hield has been out the last two and a half games, which has clearly been a bit of a boost to his minutes / touches. Hield could be back as soon as Wednesday.
  6. Went 2/3 with a HR, 2 runs, 2 rbis, and a walk yesterday in AAA. Already 1/2 with a SB so far today.
  7. Just want to throw my draft out there just for fun - 10 teamer 1 Josh Donaldson 2 Trea Turner 3 Edwin Encarnacion 4 Jake Arrieta 5 Gregory Polanco 6 AJ Pollock 7 Stephen Strasburg 8 Alex Bregman 9 Wade Davis 10 Ken Giles 11 Andrew Benintendi 12 Craig Kimbrel 13 Adam Duvall 14 Ian Desmond 15 Evan Gattis 16 Jon Gray 17 James Paxton 18 Jose Peraza 19 Dansby Swanson 20 Greg Bird 21 Nomar Maraza 22 David Dahl 23 Garrett Richards 24 Manuel Margot 25 Blake Snell 26 Blake Treinen 27 Jharel Cotton Underlined = Injured Italics = dropped Bolded = worthy picks Anyone got anything worse to date? Somehow I've waiver-wire'd my way into 2-1-1 (2nd place). ;P
  8. is anyone else having major issues with this on PS4? I seriously can only watch about 3 minutes of a game before it freezes and eventually produces an error and returns me to the menu. Very frustrating. It's like it knows when one of the guys on my fantasy team is up to bat, and freezes right as they throw the first pitch. Tried resetting my router and modem, haven the ps4 hard-wired right into my modem now. Everything is up-to-date as well. Still having issues. Just not sure if it's Comcast related or MLB related. Both have always sucked.
  9. The 360 update has been such a joke. They took away all of the good features. Can no longer watch two games at once. Can't pull up the menu during a game anymore, to be able to switch back and forth between games easily. Have to go completely out to the main menu, which is just plain clunky and awful. oh and LOOKS GREAT!!