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  1. Picked a good week to finally come up big.
  2. Ugh. Starting Lindsey over him...this sucks.
  3. I don't think I can chance it. Meaningless game for the Bungles. They have no reason to push him.
  4. He's definitely outperformed the other 2. I'm just hoping that Coleman was used more last game because they were playing his old team.
  5. Starting him in my championship over Josh Allen.
  6. Any RBs who could be moving on next year?
  7. So you're saying he's a Mustart unless it's close or they're playing ketchup?
  8. Let me see.....what team do I hate the most....
  9. Final 2019 stat line- 1 rec. 7 yds 😂
  10. Graham has been a disappointment. Not sure what redraft value this guy has, but monitoring in dynasty.
  11. Then you should trade him for AB or Damien W. Their threads have the most pages.